Invisible world

What is the phenomenon of the ALLATRA International Public Movement? What does the power of unity consist of? Why is it that the more there are people on the planet, the more technologically advanced humanity becomes? Why are many of the latest technologies concealed fr...

Facts about the existence of life after death. What happens to a person after the death of his body? What does a person feel as a subpersonality? What are a person’s sensations when he is influenced by third forces? The after-death fate of a human is the most terrible s...

Friends! The "Shadow Control" project is moving to a new individual channel!

The system is failing. Real stories of people, life examples, facts from physics and psychiatry. Scientific experiments proving the illusory nature of our world. Human consciousness is a part of a unified system.

Why do people suddenly start speaking in an ancient language? Why do people spontaneously demonstrate unusual abilities? And why are we touched by young children whose talents and behavior do not correspond to their age?

The invisible world beyond human perception does exist — it’s an undeniable fact. Its representatives constantly contact people, even if the latter have no idea about that. Their influence on human life is tremendous!

Watch Live a new unprecedented project "The Other World ONLINE", created as part of the "Shadow Control" international research project. There has never been anything like this in the world before. You will be able to become eyewitnesses of incredible events in real-ti...

Is there life after death?

As part of the international research project “Shadow Control” a new unprecedented project “The Other World ONLINE” is going live.

Unique device “PYRAMID” which has no analogues in the world, allows proving experimentally that consciousness is outside of a human’s body.

The team of Shadow Control science research project interviewed a black mage and healer from Los Angeles – Benton.

Very soon, a magic reality show "Magic House" will begin on ALLATRA TV, with the support of the Shadow Control project.

For many centuries, MAGIC has attracted people, arouses interest and fear, cleverly lures into its nets, and sets traps. With the help of magic, people seek protection but fall under its influence themselves.

Have you ever thought that blood is a mysterious and unexplored structure?

MAGIC: Having originated several million years ago along with mankind, it is still one of the main aspects of human life. Why does it attract people? What do they want to get by turning to magic?

We continue studying the influence of the invisible world on our lives. Today, within the framework of the Shadow Control international research project, we start a new section — Science and Magic. The topic of the first episode is the unique and not completely studied...

Zhanna Kushnir — “the one who knows” — gave a special interview for the Shadow Control project, in the section Behind the Veil of Magic Secrets.

Viewers of the Shadow Control video series share their observations of the invisible world manifestations in their lives. Thus, Kristina has experienced an attack of invisible forces (shadows) that threatened to harm her.

Over the last decades, the interest in the topic of exorcism has been growing exponentially. There are special contests and recruitments in religious establishments. Numerous representatives of this craft emerge, who are ready to perform a demon-expulsion ritual or to t...

The remote impact on human blood has been experimentally acknowledged.