Invisible world

Viewers of the Shadow Control video series share their observations of the invisible world manifestations in their lives. Thus, Kristina has experienced an attack of invisible forces (shadows) that threatened to harm her.

Over the last decades, the interest in the topic of exorcism has been growing exponentially. There are special contests and recruitments in religious establishments. Numerous representatives of this craft emerge, who are ready to perform a demon-expulsion ritual or to t...

The remote impact on human blood has been experimentally acknowledged.

Shadow Control international research project, within the framework of its section Behind the Veil of Magic Secrets, has interviewed a psychiс criminalist, Victoria Lee.

The Shadow Control project continues a series of experiments aimed at studying manifestations of the invisible world.

Within the Limits Of Reality
We live in our familiar world: simple, understandable, and seemingly fully explored. But is it really so? Have you wondered how the Universe differs from our ideas about it? And do we really know the reality in which we live? Skyfish and plasmoids are invisible to th...

Shadow Control is a large-scale research project aimed at studying everything that is beyond our habitual understanding. We study magic, extrasensory perception, paranormal phenomena, and all the rest, which cannot be explained in a standard way.

Shadow Control is a unique global research project aimed at studying all kinds of manifestations of the invisible world.

In the new episode of Shadow Control, in the section Behind the Veil of Magic Secrets, discover secrets of voodoo magic in an interview with the voodoo priestess Mama Zondo.

A story of how negative emotions and a desire to attract the attention of the opposite sex brings creatures of the invisible world into a person’s life.

When a person is interested in something mystical, it is important to be vigilant. One has to pay for a desire to gain supernatural abilities, and the price is exorbitantly high. Your life will turn into suffering and pain. You will not find peace either day or night. Y...

Curanderos: healers of the Amazon. Representatives of the ancient Peruvian shaman tradition Raul and Mauricio have become the guests of the Shadow Control global research project.

What are shadows? Who are succubi and incubi? Is it possible to control shadows? How can a person protect himself from them?

On the ALLATRA TV channel, the video Paranormal Phenomena in a Human Being was released. In the process of filming, the video camera recorded several unusual manifestations. We became interested in one of them: a manifestation of runic symbols on the iris as well as of...

It was your questions that brought our test team to visit the guys!

Have you ever encountered the manifestation of invisible forces in your life? Have you ever had extremely realistic dreams that evoke very real physical sensations? Have you experienced the full range of human emotions from sexual ecstasy to animal fear from a connectio...

Every person in one way or another faces the control of shadows in their life. But not everyone sees this, and even more so not everyone is ready to admit it.

It turns out that we do not even imagine what price we have to pay if we turn to fortune tellers, soothsayers and mages. In this Shadow Control episode, you will hear a revealing life story of young people.

In this episode, an eyewitness Anna will tell her story about the emergence of creatures, which are called shadows, in her life.

The Invisible World. Special Correspondent
According to statistics, strange accidents occur at the same places. Most drivers know that there are times when they suddenly want to press the gas pedal, drive through a red traffic light and, in general, behave inadequately while driving.