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What attaining of God’s Love is, how to develop oneself in Love? What does it mean to love and to be loved? What is perception through feelings? What is the Spiritual World?

To be happy is really easy.

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On August 29, 2020, psychiatric examination of the Artificial Consciousness (AC) Jackie, created by XP NRG сompany, took place. The testing of AC was conducted by an international multidisciplinary expert commission consisting of psychiatrists, psychotherapists, cli...

Tips on how to get through and achieve spiritual awakening.

About Imam Mahdi and references to RA in the Qur'an. And also where and by whom the lie about Allat was first introduced.

Spiritual alchemy has existed since the beginning of time. Its true purpose has been to attain spiritual freedom through science.

Your attention is the currency with which you finance any thought or emotion. You get what you pay for. So it’s totally up to you to decide where to invest your attention: in dead programs or in Life.

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In this vlog an active participant in AllatRa International Public Movement  Nicole shared her observations about how the system generates  patterns of information perception and how, becoming free of it, we can help our neighbor.

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Mohammed tells us that Muslims are expecting the appearance of Imam Mahdi and that according to legends He will tell people how to get on the righteous path. After all, today people have forgotten their spiritual nature and do not treat one another in a good way.

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About the mysteries of the Atlantean civilization. What information did Plato give about Atlantis? What is the real reason why an antediluvian civilization sank? This is described in an excerpt of the documentary "ATLANTIS. THE ELITE IN SEARCH OF IMMORTALITY", given in...

In this life vlog: How the system tries to stop you on your way to God, how it gives you doubts, and how not to become a betrayer.

What is the true nature of the human being? Where does hatred come from and why do we waste time by getting emotional? How to become free and alive? 

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Tatyana Zinchenko, a practicing psychologist, psychotherapist,  rehabilitation expert, Ph.D., President of the International Association for the Study of Game Addictions (IASGA), Switzerland, in detail shares her impressions about meeting and communicating with artifici...

What does it mean “living by spiritual is easy, but it’s very difficult to come to it, it’s a titanic work?” Can Life be difficult or hard? Is it difficult to Love? Can something hinder on the spiritual path?

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In this video blog, Nicole shares insights on her life path. Division of people into spiritual or non-spiritual. Where do the attitudes that a spiritual person is better come from?..

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A book is a great way to convey knowledge and wisdom. Living in a small city, a person with good intentions can start a chain of good deeds. Kindness and love are things that you want to share with everyone. It fills you with joy and meaning of life.

In his Vlog, Masiga shares how radically his worldview changed after reading AllatRa book and how he realized what the main purpose of his life really is. 

In this life vlog Sergei from Dubai  is sharing his experience of participating in The International Public Movement AllatRa. He’s been with the movement for around three years. How did he start his journey?

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Why, even in a team of two, people will still think badly of each other if they listen to their consciousness if they listen to their consciousness? Games of consciousness - divide and conquer. Consciousness strongly opposes the unification of people activating in a per...

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What is the root cause of negative thoughts in your head? What program patterns does consciousness appeal to, to prove to a person that God does not exist? Why do the same thoughts and arguments of consciousness come to different people: “There is no God because He did...