Our planet is on the verge of destruction: natural anomalies, changes in the upper layers of the atmosphere, and mass mutations in nature. Does cyclicity influence these global processes on our planet?

Today, the mass media actively frightens us with the possibility of using nuclear weapons, and this is not without reason. Humankind has experience of waging wars with the use of nuclear weapons. To whom and why is it profitable to arrange armed conflicts?

In order to implement a huge number of various projects, volunteers of ALLATRA IPM get together, develop a strategy, hold brainstorming sessions, set goals and objectives. At this stage, everyone gets great inspiration and confidence in the successful implementation of...

Our planet is full of mysteries that constantly amaze us with new discoveries. One such mystery is signs and symbols that are ubiquitous. They are present both in sacred structures and in everyday life. But do we know what influence they have on our lives?

What is the uniqueness of the Saint Sophia Cathedral? Why does this structure still amaze architects, and are there any analogs to this cathedral? What spiritual knowledge and symbols are sealed in the architecture of the cathedral? Why were religious services stopped i...

Who are the Anunnaki in reality? How are they different from us? Does the planet Nibiru exist? What is the name of the Anunnaki planet which is the nearest to Earth?

What did the prophets know when they brought the Truth? What did they say about the End Times and the Last Chance for humanity?

At certain moments in life, each person receives very important information that can change his or her life. A personal choice of such a person not only determines the vector of his future life but can also influence other people. Allah gives everyone a chance to make t...

Living in our time, few people know that during the 9th century, the Islamic world was the center of world science, and an incredible number of technologies created at that time continue to be used nowadays.

What is true altruism, and what is its secret? What to do in order to be happy and loved? What is the most precious thing we have? Why do people waste time?

What did the prophets say about the authority of one person over another? Authority and hierarchy: why did they become possible in our world? People are God’s slaves: is this what the prophets taught? What is the most important commandment Jesus gave to people? What doe...

It may seem surprising, but today space and the ocean are better studied than humans. Prof. Maria Kuman, Ph.D., Holistic Research Institute (the USA), has devoted decades to the study of consciousness and the subconscious, the invisible part of human structure.

Faith, temples, religions… What meaning do we put in these concepts? What is their impact on our life? After all, not every parishioner knows that temples are actively used by mages and sorcerers for their own purposes.

Pass to Heaven
Pass to Heaven
Everything in this world has a beginning and an end. We live in a flow of different events: we earn money, build relationships, rejoice, and feel sad. This is how our days and years fly by... And we don't think about what happens after we leave this world. Will we go to...

The books "Bardo Todol: The Tibetan Book of the Dead" and Pabongka Rinpoche's "Liberation in the Palm of Your Hand: a Concise Discourse on the Path to Enlightenment" contain a detailed description of what the state of bardo is and what stages a person's consciousness go...

How to convey the main goal, idea and essence of the Creative Society project to people? How to communicate with people easily and simply so that they understand us and do not pin labels on us? Why is it important to inform people about this project? Why is it important...

A huge number of structures around the world are egg-shaped. What mystery is hidden in this?

Who among believers has not dreamed of visiting a holy place, secretly hoping if not for a condescension of Grace then at least for healing or receiving material benefits?

Rapidly escalating disasters are scientists' fantasies, just to scare people! Everything is fine, just a little change in the weather, we have nothing to worry about.

The whole world today lives by the "divide and conquer" approach. Humans, like animals, compete with each other to achieve greater benefits and advantages.