THE INVISIBLE WORLD Conversation with Igor Mikhailovich Danilov. This video contains answers to many questions about the invisible world that every person is in contact with in their daily life. What do people not see? Whom do they feed with their attention and negative emotions? The forbidden topic in science  - subtle material beings: skyfish, plasmoids, shadows, incubuses (incubi and succubi), subpersonalities. The truth about lucid dreams, exorcism (eviction of evil spirits) and its consequences. About the realities of the afterdeath fate. Eyewitness stories of paranormal and supernatural phenomena. Valuable practical advice on what to do in such situations and how to protect oneself from otherworldly interference. Freedom of Personality against the dictatorship of consciousness. The spiritual path,  stages of formation. Questions and answers. And much more in THE INVISIBLE WORLD programme. THE INVISIBLE WORLD THE INVISIBLE WORLD THE INVISIBLE WORLD