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Breaking news on climate from all around the world. Always current information and hot news on ALLATRA TV channel. World events, timely information about significant events, what is happening to the planet and how the climate is actually changing. What awaits us in the near future? Are we ready to face global climatic changes, when one part of the planet's population will become refugees, while another will become host party? Am I ready to give refuge to people, who lost their homes and means of living? For nobody is insured against all kinds of growing risks, and each one of us can become a climatic refugee already tomorrow. What do we do today to have a chanсe to survive in the events of tomorrow?

The number of natural disasters that have taken place in a short period of time gives an understanding that the climate crisis covers the entire planet. It exacerbates many of the existing problems of society. Radical changes in all spheres of life are inevitable in the...

The climate apocalypse for the residents of some regions of the planet has already occurred. The Earth has entered the second level of climatic disasters. Watch more about this in the broadcast.

The climate on Earth is becoming more and more aggressive toward humans!

● From June 5 to 15, 2021, residents of northern Spain suffered severe storms, rain and hail

In May 2021, 135 earthquakes of magnitude greater than 5 occurred around the world.

Sometimes our viewers ask in the comments how unification can help us overcome the impact of climate disasters. We would like to clarify it with this little example. We managed to contact an eyewitness of the earthquake in Nepal, which happened several years ago, and fi...

What is happening to the climate on the planet? Probably everyone has already asked this question. But did you get an answer to it? Climatic cataclysms, growing every year, are a consequence of global astronomical processes that directly affect the geology of our planet...

Sudden temperature changes have already entered the permanent list of natural anomalies in 2021. Watch more about this and other natural disasters on the planet in this broadcast. Also, we have a special guest, a participant of the international online conference “Creat...

Spain continues to experience extreme weather - powerful storms and earthquake become the usual on the peninsula. While Southern Africa, England and Indonesia - all have fallen victims to flooding once again.

Abnormal heat reading of +21℃ was recorded in January 2021 in Sochi, Russia. And almost 30% of the monthly rainfall norm fell in Moscow

In many regions of the world, record low temperatures and heavy snowfalls were recorded.

Increasing volcanic activity around the world, storms and tornadoes, lost lives - this is the reality of we're facing right now due to climate change.

Typhoon Haishen in Japan and South Korea. Floods in Nepal and Africa. Abnormal temperature difference in the United States and Canada. M5 Earthquake.1 in Iran. Increasing seismic activity in September 2020

In this episode  we will talk not only about what has happened on the planet recently

Thousands of damaged houses in Vietnam. In China, due of floods, the emergency response level was raised to the highest level. And in Thailand, forty thousand people were affected by the forces of nature.

In early August, increased seismic and volcanic activity was recorded in a number of countries. Today the issue of forecasting these disasters is one of the most important

It is getting obvious that modern civilization is on the edge of death and now everything depends on each person. After all, for minimization of natural disasters it is necessary already now to stop all local conflicts and together to search for ways to solve a problem...

Isaias became the second hurricane of the 2020 tropical cyclone season to hit several countries in the Caribbean. This summer became the coldest one in Norway over the past few decades.

Residents of China continue to suffer from the destructive forces of nature. On July 20, 2020, a large-scale landslide of 10 million cubic meters occurred in Hubei province, causing the river to overflow its banks and flood nearby areas.

Many earthquakes take place all over the planet in July 2020