ALLATRA TV International Internet television is the result of the activity of volunteers from from 180 countries around the world, who in their free time from work create content aimed at studying and highlighting the most important problem humanity is facing – climate change on Earth.

ALLATRA TV is the international volunteer online television of ALLATRA International Public Movement

Volunteers of ALLATRA TV create blogger content on various topics to address the interests of the widest audience and draw their attention to the global and rapid climate change on Earth.
Blogger projects include themes of popular science and entertainment content, self-development, psychology, history, and humor.
The goal of ALLATRA TV is to highlight the most important and serious problem humanity faces – the change in the global climate, which is manifested by the rapid growth of the dynamics of cataclysms in recent decades.
In their free from work time, on a voluntary basis, people in different countries of the world explore this topic, collecting analytical data for such online projects as "Climate Control", "Breaking News", "Climate through Eyewitness' Eyes". International roundtables, teleconferences, podcasts and interviews with experts in various fields are also organized for in-depth study. All ALLATRA TV videos have the sole aim of popularizing universal, democratic, spiritual and moral human values.
Join the international volunteer team of ALLATRA TV, implement your ideas, and contribute to preserving our planet and shaping a better future for all!
Collage with ALLATRA TV participants Collage with ALLATRA TV participants