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ALLATRA TV is the international volunteer online television of ALLATRA International Public Movement

ALLATRA TV is the international volunteer online television with topical and interesting videos on various subjects: psychology, science, good news, informational and analytical programmes, interviews with celebrities, benevolent humour, educational cartoons, family programmes, and many other sincere and positive videos that promote humaneness, kindness and unity in society. ALLATRA TV videos are interesting to all people who strive for self-improvement, spiritual and cultural development, and strengthening of the best qualities in themselves and the community around them. Join the international volunteer team of ALLATRA TV and implement your creative ideas and projects through a new format of public television!
Videos from The Truth is One for Everyone series with the participation of professor and academician Igor Mikhailovich Danilov are especially popular among our viewers. In these landmark videos that change the destiny of people, nations and humankind, the ancient key knowledge of UNITY and RECONCILIATION among all people are revealed. There are answers to questions which concern many people: what is the universal source of all the religions of humanity? What unites all spiritual knowledge at its origin? How to achieve RECONCILIATION within oneself, of a human with God, and between people? Islam, Christianity, Buddhism: what Truth unites the world religions and all faithful believers? How to gain what is REAL in oneself?! Owing to the videos, one can gain practical experience of learning and personal contact with the ONE WHO GIVES LIFE. The videos contain unique information about the human path of self-exploration, the primordial knowledge about the Holy Spirit and His significant role in the spiritual development of an individual and humanity, deep self-awareness and deep inner feelings of a contact with the Spiritual World
Collage with ALLATRA TV participants Collage with ALLATRA TV participants