About Spiritual Practice

About Spiritual Practice How to perform spiritual practice correctly? How to work on oneself in order to achieve a state of the absence of thoughts? How to find out whether you have stopped thoughts in oneself and who in you determines that? Who controls this process? Meditative autogenic training “A Glassy Lake”. How does the dialogue at the level of perception through feelings occur in spiritual practice? Why does fear arise before you perform the spiritual practice or when you go deeper into a spiritual practice? What is the difference between the perception of the processes of the invisible world through consciousness and the Personality’s perception? How to overcome the barrier created by the imagination of consciousness? Is it possible to enter the Spiritual World owing to spiritual practice alone? How does a human gain Life, and by what signs does he understand that he has gained Life? How does spiritual development in the accumulation of God’s Love take place? About Spiritual Practice About Spiritual Practice About Spiritual Practice