THE SERVICE ABOUT THE SERVICE TO GOD in the highest sense and about the meaning of human life. How to transform from dead into Alive? What is Salvation, and what is Service? What is the Spiritual World, the World where Love, harmony and freedom reign? The point of origin of all events, how does this happen? What borderline is the modern humanity crossing? Unprecedented cataclysms of the end days. What is the Last Judgment? What predictions of the end days are mentioned in the scriptures? Anticipating the advent of the Comforter in Christianity, of Imam Mahdi in Islam, of Maitreya in Buddhism, and of God’s messenger in other religions nowadays. Mentions of His coming, of His actions, of God’s army, and of the golden millennium in the predictions. About the ALLAT sisters. About Maria’s service and Sophia’s service, about the significant role of women in serving the Spiritual World. GELIARS and their service to God. The highest devotion to the Spiritual World and understanding of the entire essence and importance of serving God. THE SERVICE THE SERVICE THE SERVICE