ALLATRA TV is an International Internet TV of a new format. This is a global media-platform aimed at uniting people all over the world and creating conditions for the development of a creative society.

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ALLATRA TV is a socially important large-scale project of ALLATRA International Public Movement, the goal of which is to popularize universal spiritual, moral, and cultural values in the world, and to inspire people to make positive changes in themselves and society.

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Unique videos about a human and society, about self-development and spiritual and moral perfection;

informative social videos and news;

interviews with famous people, scientists and experts;

informative, analytical and investigative videos;

documentary and popular science video projects on topics of culture, science and history;

investigative video discussions in various scientific fields.

International survey collage
International survey collage


ALLATRA TV are online channels in various countries where videos are available in English, Russian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Chinese, Japanese, Georgian and many other languages.

Formati emisija na ALLATRA TV

  • Interviews aimed at showing each participant, first and foremost, as a Human regardless of their social status, profession, image and so on. Sincere communication which reveals all the best that every person has.
  • Coverage of the events that are aimed to unite, create, and promote cultural, spiritual, and moral values in society.
  • International online video- and teleconferences with simultaneous connection of thousands of locations from different countries and online broadcasts with simultaneous translations into 10 or more languages of the world.
  • "Game of Professionals" format with participation of experts from different fields of activity, which allows them to express their opinions freely and come to new understandings in their fields improving the life of humans and society as a whole.
  • Large-scale international social video surveys that allow to hear the opinions of hundreds of thousands of people around the world on exciting topics relevant to everyone.
  • Live online reports from the scenes by eyewitnesses of climatic events on the planet; honest and timely information about the events broadcast by the people themselves.

Novi format interakcije

The uniqueness of ALLATRA TV is that it is an initiative of society itself. Videos are being created by people from all over the world on a volunteer basis, in their spare time. By uniting into international teams of active like-minded people, everyone unleashes their creative potential.

Already now, people are acting and building a creative information space that promotes the development of the best human qualities and truly changes the world for the better.

An exceptional feature of all the videos on ALLATRA TV is that they reflect honest, truthful and sincere information about what is happening in the world and those good things everyone wants to share.

Anyone from anywhere in the world can join ALLATRA TV: feel free to engage in discussing socially relevant issues, expressing opinions, creating videos, and implementing creative ideas with an international team of like-minded people!

Pridružujte se međunarodnom volonterskom timu ALLATRA TV!

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