Shadow Control: research of magic

Shadow Control videos are dedicated to the topic of what shadows are and what the essence of magic is. Research of the invisible world. Interviews with eyewitnesses of manifestations of third forces in their lives. Who are the creatures that come at night? How magic works, and what the price is for using it: interviews with witches, exorcists, sorcerers and other people who practise magic.

By numerous requests of our viewers, the guest of the Shadow Control International Research Project is again Grandmaster Wolf, an expert in the field of telekinesis and a mystic.

“The most terrible and serious weapon is a human himself! But, fortunately, he doesn't even suspect that.” Anastasia Novykh

After releasing a shocking interview with the occultist “Do All Religions Serve Satan?”, we decided to make a special episode of Balancing the Monad, which will charge you with optimism, answer some questions and, hopefully, awaken your research interest.

About the formation of religions and hidden meanings embedded in rituals. The conversation with the mysterious guest continues.

The after-death fate of suicides. Hidden causes of suicides. Danger of despondency. About external and internal wars. About the causes of conflicts among people

Viewers often write to us that our "scales" have tilted to one side and that we only cover the perspective of the dark side. Therefore, according to numerous requests, Shadow Control balances the Monad.

Mind Body Experience is Ireland's largest holistic event bringing together exhibitors from the world of holistic health & wellbeing. The event hosts over 60 therapists from all modalities offering mini treatments, advice, and information.

Difficult childhood, 25 years of learning in monasteries in Tibet and China, an irresistible desire to know himself and the world around him more deeply…

Who is El? The story of his rise and fall. Why the Eternals left into samadhi. How the Keepers work; manipulations of the Keepers. Where did the idea of reducing the world population originate from?

Olga Vasilyevna Lazarenko, a phenomenal person, a magnet woman, healer, and biotherapist, gave an interview for the "Shadow Control" project within the section Beyond the Limits of Possible. What is a Human Capable of?

The guest in the studio of the Shadow Control international research project, in the Science and Magic section, is Konstantin Georgievich Korotkov, Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences.

Within the Mystical Excursus section, participants of the Shadow Control international research project interviewed a historian, archaeologist, philosopher and author Andrey Mikhailovich Burovsky.

The experimental section of the Shadow Control project is of tremendous importance not only for modern science but for the entire humanity.

Ignorance of the laws does not exempt from responsibility, or how to call a demon!

What is voodoo? What is not written about it on the Internet? Let us discover the answers from a mage and voodoo Rit Makaya sorcerer Valentin Roganov. His practice includes elements of witchcraft, Buddhist tantra techniques, and hypnosis.

Sergey Nikitich Maslobrod, Doctor of Biology, Chief Research Officer at the Institute of Genetics, Physiology and Plant Protection of the Republic of Moldova, visited the Shadow Control studio and shared his scientific evidence of the instantaneous remote influence of a...

Exclusively for the Shadow Control project, a black mage and occultist shares his own investigation of conscious rebirths.

Why do people suddenly start speaking in an ancient language? Why do people spontaneously demonstrate unusual abilities? And why are we touched by young children whose talents and behavior do not correspond to their age?

The invisible world beyond human perception does exist — it’s an undeniable fact. Its representatives constantly contact people, even if the latter have no idea about that. Their influence on human life is tremendous!

Watch Live a new unprecedented project "The Other World ONLINE", created as part of the "Shadow Control" international research project. There has never been anything like this in the world before. You will be able to become eyewitnesses of incredible events in real-ti...