Climate Change

Thanks to joint efforts of many participants, programmes are being created about the climate changes that are taking place on the planet and the upcoming global cataclysms. These programmes are based on the information given in the climate report by the scientists of ALLATRA SCIENCE. These programmes inform the world of real ways of solving these problems through unification of the entire world community into a harmonious close-knit family.  

An urgent open appeal by a scientist to three world leaders: US President Mr. Joseph Biden, President of the People's Republic of China Mr. Xi Jinping, and President of the Russian Federation Mr. Vladimir Putin.

It’s a SHOCK! Our planet is being destroyed from within, and our inaction can lead to the death of all life on it. It’s already happening before our eyes.

Why are volcanoes waking up? What affects our climate? Cyclicity: new facts. These questions are answered in this video by Douglas Vogt, science writer, researcher, and professional member of the Geological Society of America.

Dear friends! We invite you to a meeting dedicated to preparations for the global international forum “GLOBAL CRISIS. WE ARE PEOPLE. WE WANT TO LIVE”, which will be held as part of the Creative Society project.

Climate disasters are raging all over the world, and every day we see how our common enemy, the climate, is taking more and more territories, homes and the most valuable thing — people's lives.

The reason why #cataclysms and #naturaldisasters are on the rise is the #cyclicity of 12,000 and 24,000 years. Earth is entering an active phase of these cycles that will result in violent global cataclysms in the nearest future. Will humanity survive this phase?

We invite you to an international round table in continuation of the conference Global Crisis. This Already Affects Everyone. The conference was simultaneously interpreted into 72 languages and has proved that people can do a lot when they unite!

Refugees: we often hear this word in the news. These are people who run from mortal danger. Their lives are threatened wherever they go. Climate refugees are one of the most deprived categories of people on our planet.

Humanity is at the Сrossroads! We are at a unique point of choice. Each of us has a great responsibility to the next generation. Not since the dawn of our civilization has the question of LIFE and DESTINY of humankind and the planet itself been so critically faced!

Climate migration is a reality we face today and will face in the near future on a planetary scale. But is humanity ready for it?

🔹Are we aware of what era we live in? That all the prophets spoke of this time? 🔹Are global climate changes inevitable? 🔹What are humanity's options? 🔹What needs to be done to build a creative society as quickly as possible?

During this interview, Yuriy Sergeevich Shevchuk, a journalist, radio host, writer, and public figure, shared with ALLATRA TV his expert opinion on the topic of global climate change.

Sergey Pulinets works at the Institute of space research of the Russian Academy of Sciences and deals with a wide range of issues, including earthquake prediction based on the state of the ionosphere

International conference of a new format. Realizing the importance and urgency of the problem associated with rapid climate change, and realizing that in this situation, silence and inaction cost millions of human lives, the participants of the ALLATRA IPM initiated the...

An interview with a  doctor of natural Sciences, geophysicist, seismologist, mister Pavel Kalenda

The world is changing rapidly, and everyone who has noticed this has begun to worry about a simple, but important question, ‘’What is awaiting us in the future?’’ The future is hidden.No one can say for sure what to expect in 2020 or 2019, or even tomorrow. 

Climate changes, natural disasters on Earth are occurring with increasing force and this is already a reality of today. The scale of the events can be observed today across the planet. This makes each person face his personal choice. Soon this will affect everyone, rega...

5TH PLACE - EARTHQUAKE IN THE NORTH-KURILSK IN 1952. Its focus was in the sea 130 km away from Cape Shypunsky at a depth of 2-3 km. Kuril Islands, the peninsula of Kamchatka, Sakhalin Island, all of them belong to the Pacific Ring of Fire.

In the area of ​​the Japanese archipelago in Indonesia, the island of Fiji and South America, an earthquake with a magnitude of 6.7 has been recorded, which has led to a shift in the Pacific lithospheric plate, which continues to shift. The movement of the plate, in tur...

The Sinabung volcano, located on the island of Sumatra, woke up on August 20, 2010 after 400 years of hibernation. 12 thousand people were forced to abandon their homes.  The next volcano explosion occurred in November of 2013. A few months later, on January 4, 2014, a...