Psychology. Discovering the Truth

An existential crisis or loss of the meaning of life. External challenges are inevitable for people living today. With these challenges, both joy and bitterness of change can come into a person's life.

The life of a modern person is rapidly changing and often causes stress and discomfort due to these changes. In search of stability, a person spends a lot of energy and resources. Gaining confidence in the future is becoming a key factor for many. As a rule, a person se...

"Jealousy is a sign of love" is a common statement nowadays. Is it true?

The most important question in every person’s life! The question that determines all goals. The question that puts everything in its place. The question that frees you from lies. The question that haunts billions of people. The question that costs lives!

In this episode of the project "Psychology. Discovering the Truth", we discuss the topic of panic attacks. This phenomenon has become increasingly common in recent years, and the traditional medical approach has proved to be powerless in solving this issue.

“Psychology. Discovering the Truth” continues to look into the social phenomena inherent in contemporary society. Often people are guided by various attitudes and norms of life priorities, imposed on them by someone or something.

This episode of "Psychology. Discovering the Truth" covers the issue of loneliness. Many people are interested in the essence of this phenomenon because, nowadays, loneliness as a state haunts many people regardless of whether they are alone or in the company of others.

In this episode of "Psychology. Discovering the Truth" we will talk about relationships with people around us.

Participants of the project "Psychology. Discovering the Truth” answer viewers' questions: resentment and dissatisfaction in relationships, as well as fear for our loved ones.

In this episode of the project "Psychology. Discovering the Truth", the issue of care is discussed. Since this is a fairly common question in personal consultations with psychologists, and in the comments under our videos it has also repeatedly appeared.

What is sleep? What its functions are, why it is needed, and why an alarm shouldn’t be set for another ten minutes.

Watch a new video of the cycle "Psychology. Discovering the Truth", dedicated to the topic of emotional burnout. Emotional burnout is an integral part of the work process in today's reality.

Hypnosis as a way to solve mental and physiological problems has been actively used since the middle of the 19th century. Its effectiveness is legendary, but is it really so? Do specialists understand the whole essence of this tool? After all, modern medicine knows only...

In the live broadcast within the project "Psychology. Discovering the Truth", the topic of defense mechanisms of consciousness is discussed.

In this episode, basic categories in psychology are being revised. In a simple dialogue, understandable to every person, answers to topical questions are provided:

In-depth analysis of the subjects topical for every person. Who am I? What is the True meaning of Life? How to break away from the vicious circle of thoughts and problems?