Climate as Seen by Eyewitnesses

Climate change on Earth is an obvious fact. Today it is noted not only by leading scientists from all over the world, but also by people living in different parts of the world. In the programme "Climate as Seen by Eyewitnesses", the people themselves tell about the weather anomalies, which they personally noticed, about the weather events in which they found themselves to be participants. People share their observations about how the weather conditions are really changing in the region where they live. Not all information about weather anomalies is covered by modern media, but it can be conveyed directly from one person to another. "Climate as Seen by Eyewitnesses" is a project from one person to another, within the framework of which everyone can tell what is happening to the weather where he is located, what climate changes are being recorded, share photos or video materials about it. And also in the context of this topic, examples of people's solidarity and mutual assistance in difficult weather conditions, examples of mutual help, are particularly inspiring.  

On August 11, 2021, a major storm hit Michigan, USA. More than 500,000 people were left without electricity for several days.

In this video, Martin Aketch, an extension officer from Nairobi, shares his observations regarding weather pattern changes over the last three-four years in Kenya, East Africa.

Interview with an eyewitness of floods in Indonesia.

Consequences of forest fires in Australia from the point of view of an eyewitness from the state of Victoria (Australia)

In January 2020, East Africans were confronted with an outbreak of desert locusts, which was named the strongest over the past 25 years. Insects invaded some parts of Kenya, Ethiopia, Somalia, Sudan, Eritrea and Djibouti. Also some regions of South Sudan and Uganda were...

An eyewitness from Ireland tells in this video about the storm Ciara that has occurred in Ireland in the last few days. This caused gusts and strong winds, hail, snow, thunder and lightning. More than 10,000 homes in Ireland were left without electricity. And there was...

Eyewitness from Canada shared about abnormally massive blizzard that hit St John's city (Newfoundland) on January 17, 2020. It dumped about 76cm of snow. This was the first time Canadians observed such phenomena. At 200 kilometers from Newfoundland for the last few...

People who live in Norilsk with complete certainty tell that the weather is abnormal and has changed significantly. Air temperature is -11 °C, despite the fact that usually it used to be -30 °C outside.

The effects of heavy rains in Dubai, January, 2020

Brisbane resident, Australia. Specially for ALLATRA TV. December, 2019.

In mid-December, residents observed abnormally warm weather, 15 degrees above zero, while, as a rule, snow used to fall already in this region at this time and people used to wear warm clothes at this time

Eyewitness sent a video of the effects of heavy rains in Dubai. Rivers of water flow along the roads. Usually no more than 17 mm of rain per month falls in the capital of the UAE.

Observations of the winter in Ukraine were shared by an eyewitness from Chernihiv city: “ + 5 degrees temperature. Either it's autumn, or spring”.

Don Jones, participant of ALLATRA International Public Movement from Australia shared a video with AllatRa TV about climatic situation in their region. Currently, more than 12 million acres have burned. This is an area approximately the size of the U.S. states of Ver...

On December 30th at 00:32 there was an 3.5 magnitude earthquake in South Korea. Such phenomena as earthquake is not typical for South Korea.

Eyewitness shared about uncommonly high temperature in winter this year. There are sharp temperature fluctuations from minus 30 till minus 9 degrees on the next day.

People more often face with natural phenomena that are not typical for the places where they live.

Bees are flying, birds are singing, there is sunny spring weather. Such temperature is absolutely abnormal for this season of the year in this region

December 18, 2019. There is no snow. It drops out a little and then melts in a moment. For Vologda, the lack of snow at this time of the year is absolutely untypical. Earlier at this time there were already snowdrifts.

Dmitriy from Kiev shares his impressions of the abnormal weather that he had not encountered before.