Mentality of a Winner

Mentality of a Winner All people are actually good, but life sometimes turns in such a way that people are forced to become bad. Who drives them beyond this line of ethics and morality? Don't we ourselves, people, do that? Of course, it is us, people, who create and maintain these conditions of games in the consumerist format, when we are forced to fight against each other, sometimes losing our health, life, and freedoms for the sake of surviving somehow. And this is really a problem that can be solved only in the Creative Society. We will not solve it in the consumerist format. But can we, people, change everything? We certainly can. If we change the conditions, we will become much better. Only the Creative Society can give freedom to a human. Indeed, this is the best option because everyone will be responsible for their own future and for the whole world. Mentality of a Winner Mentality of a Winner Mentality of a Winner