How to find a way out of the endless crises of the consumerist format of society? How to get out of contrived delusions? How to change the situation in the world? How can we all come to an agreement and find a solution acceptable for all? A new world order: a single wor...

The world is on the brink of collapse. Climate disasters, wars, conflicts, and hatred are tearing humanity apart. The countdown has begun and we have no time to waste. Will we succumb to the inevitable doom, or will we unite and build a new, safe future?

The End of America: How to Survive the Upcoming Cataclysms!

❓ What awaits the USA within the next 5-7 years?

Once, they found themselves in the very center of hell. Catastrophes don't discriminate whether you're rich or poor. They destroy everything around them, and developed countries are no exception. You can lose everything in the blink of an eye, and no one will come to yo...

Urgent Appeal by Egon Cholakian to All Rational People on the Planet.

God and money: what do they have in common? What capitals does the church own? What truth is hidden behind the pious faces of the clergy? This video contains shocking facts about how often religious organizations around the world make deals that contradict spiritual pri...

Through the mercy and grace of Allah Almighty 14 centuries ago, the greatest of men, the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, brought Islam into this world. Islam was meant to unite all humankind into a united civilization and build a just, safe a...

An urgent open appeal by a scientist to three world leaders: US President Mr. Joseph Biden, President of the People's Republic of China Mr. Xi Jinping, and President of the Russian Federation Mr. Vladimir Putin.

Emergency Address from Renowned Scientist Egon Cholakian, a recognized expert in climate change and national security matters. In his statement, Egon Cholakian highlights the alarming evidence of rapid global climate change on Earth and the exponential increase in clima...

People live their ordinary life. They go to work, build a house, plant a garden, bring up children, attend church, and plan for the future. But do we actually have it?

At certain moments in life, each person receives very important information that can change his or her life. A personal choice of such a person not only determines the vector of his future life but can also influence other people. Allah gives everyone a chance to make t...

Living in our time, few people know that during the 9th century, the Islamic world was the center of world science, and an incredible number of technologies created at that time continue to be used nowadays.

Christianity is now the most common religion in the world.

Why exactly are the Jewish people entrusted with the mission to fulfill the prophecy passed down to us by the sages in the holy scriptures?

We are telling the truth that is being concealed from people. We are independent volunteer researchers from 180 countries. We carry out interdisciplinary studies that no other institution or organization in the world is able to perform

World unification of peoples has already begun!

Ocean life is in danger. People are seeing the deaths of animals, fish and corals all over the world. And it's not just because of environmental degradation. The Earth has entered an active phase of global climate change, occurring once every 12,000 years.

This event will touch the hearts of billions of people! It's time to face the truth, see what's happening in the world without rose-colored glasses and make the final choice.

How beautiful our planet is with nature and fauna in all its forms! Live and enjoy it! Cherish and enhance this beauty! But no! Humankind tends to destroy rather than create.