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Every city is first of all its people. The history of every person who lives in the city leaves one or another trace in its formation and development, becoming part of the history of the city itself.

How to change the format of our society in a peaceful way and secure a better future for humanity? In this video we present the foundations and stages of building the Creative Society.

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AllatRa TV team visited the international golf tournament “Diplomatic Golf Cup 2020”, which took place in the Kiev golf-club “GolfStream”. The tournament organizer is the international diplomatic magazine “Fashion of Diplomacy”. 

In this video, professor Carmen Boulter shares her view on the importance of unity and empowerment in education. She discusses how the creative approach and constant practice help students to develop.

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Matthew Lacroix is a YouTube video blogger and explorer of Ancient Civilizations. Author of “The Illusion of Us” and “The Stage of Time”. Speaker for his Podcast Masterminds. Coast to Coast Am Speaker.

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Fortuities are not accidental in our life. Important information may sometimes come in a completely unexpected way. How to change the future? What can each of us do? Understanding of the true essence of things enables one to make a choice. Our future depends on the choi...

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Every person wants to be happy, but can we call our society a happy one? Of course not. But can it be otherwise?

Our planet is changing, and it is impossible not to notice these changes. Global processes have already begun, and how our civilization will survive this depends only on us.

Interview with a Michigan State Representative, Padma Kuppa about creative society

In our modern society, the world is not without violence. Violent strife, attempts to establish power over someone, to punish those who, in the opinion of someone, do wrong or live, has become the norm of life

Allatra TV reporters took interview with the participants of the 63rd Session of Commission on drugs which was held in Vienna.

ALLATRA TV reporters visited the celebration of the Chinese New Year in Atlanta Georgia

In the interview, the ambassador Oswaldo Biato Jr. talks about the consumer format of the society that exists today and how we can move away from it by shifting our values and bringing people together?  

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Let's create together the Future that humanity deserves! Building a creative society on the whole planet by peaceful means without violence.

Interview with Phoebe from Singapore about how to balance work and recreation to make people happier and what should be the basis of relationships in a creative society  

In the interview for AllatRa TV, Alla Kushnir, a belly dance teacher, shares with us her view on a creative society.

During The Artistic Cultural Diplomacy Forum 2020 "Building Cultural Bridges through Art, Film and Music", AllatRa TV team from Berlin had the pleasure of interviewing Loai Yahya Al-Eryani. 

In an interview for AllatRa TV Professor Dumas shared his thoughts and understandings of how to make the economy more stable

In this social survey within the framework "THE FUTURE IS NOW" project, Stevan and Keny, volunteers from Veterans for peace from Santa Monica, California share their understanding of a creative and constructive society