Our home is on fire! The ground floors are on fire! But no one is doing anything inside. And the saddest thing is that many people know nothing about it!

Rapidly escalating disasters are scientists' fantasies, just to scare people! Everything is fine, just a little change in the weather, we have nothing to worry about.

Before it's too late... On April 22, 2023, watch the International Online Forum "Global Crisis. There Is a Way Out"

The whole world today lives by the "divide and conquer" approach. Humans, like animals, compete with each other to achieve greater benefits and advantages.

Do aliens, UFOs and intelligent life exist outside of Earth? Why is it impossible to shoot down alien UFOs? Why does the world media hype up the topic of UFOs and the threat of an alien invasion? Why do the elite form an egregore of fear for people? Climate change is gr...

Just think about it... A thousand years ago there were only 275 million of us – the area of human observation was limited by the sensory organs.

The 28th Episode of the unique "Kaleidoscope of Facts" research project describes the experience of the leader of the Indian Independence Movement – Mahatma Gandhi.

How to find the meaning of life when the world around you is rapidly collapsing? Many people, when faced with economic crises, climate disasters, forced migration, loss of loved ones, or loss of their homes, now live in a state of distress, in a state of uncertainty. Pe...

We live on planet Earth, but sometimes we don't even realize that we are rushing through the Universe at tremendous speed. Our planet is a living spaceship.

What is a single egregore? How is an egregore formed? What unites people? Is there an egregore among animals, insects, and protozoa? Who controls a pack of animals? What is the difference between an egregore of animals and an egregore of people? Why do people have two f...

Who can tell you better about what happens after death than someone who has experienced it more than once?

Prolonging human life: what technical capabilities will people have to do that? Molecular and atomic diagnostics: what is the essential difference? Body reconstruction at the microparticle level: what opportunities does it offer? An analogy to repairing a car on a worki...

New physics. Cosmic radiation. The impulse of life. The inner and outer core of the planet Earth. The core of the Sun. Gravity. Information about the whole. The universal unit of time — allat. The finiteness of time. Enhancement of intellectual potential. A chance for h...

Let's tell the truth. We have polluted our own planet with rubbish and it is dying of intoxication. We, people, have become like cancer to our planet, and lots of metastases come from our activities.

What generates the impulse of Life, and how does it affect the transformation of matter? How does the impulse of Life affect micro- and macro-objects? The principle of operation of the force that transforms energy into matter. Information updating. The concept of the mu...

The presence of sacred mysteries and mystics in temple architecture has quite a scientific basis.

Today, a lot depends literally on everyone, and first and foremost, knowing and informing people about the natural processes that are taking place. It is not worth knocking on the closed door of an empty room. It is better to knock where people are ready to hear you.

Is there life after death? Why do we have fear when we ask this question? How do we understand death? Does a human perceive death? Why are we unwilling to accept the inevitability of death? What do various religions say about life after death? Does a human remember his...

What do you feel when someone deceives you?

We are so used to a hierarchy that we don’t even notice how it’s being imposed and implemented not only in society, but also in religion, and even in the spiritual world by making ranks for angels.