When the Truth is distorted, Falsehood triumphs. In such a world, egoism, pridefulness and inhumanity predominate. Where there is the power of one person over another, there is no place for love, compassion and mutual respect.

Can we trust the quality of information and knowledge we receive today? How easy is it for an ordinary person to discern the truth?

At all times, prophets came to teach us the most important thing - to love each other, to understand, to feel unity with God and with all people. Why did we forget about the most important thing today? It's time to recall the most important thing.

We have heard of the end times a lot. There are references to them in all religions of the world and in all cultures. But what do we know today about the times of the Crossroads? How does it impact us and what does it mean? What is the major choice to be made today by...

What science fiction ideas can become our reality in the nearest future and change the course of history?

Fear. Concerns. Conflicts. That is the reality of today. But we humans deserve a better future. We still have the opportunity to change the vector of development of our society.

The world is swiftly changing. New time brings new trials: global crises, pandemic, impetuous climate change. But along with that, new opportunities arise!

On March 13, at 15:00 GMT, a unique international conference KALEIDOSCOPE OF FACTS. PROSPECTS OF CIVILIZATION will take place, where the most fascinating facts about our prospects of civilization development in Creative Society will be revealed.

Nowadays, every person feels the injustice and absurdity of what is happening in the world. Yet, who has made it like this? Was the world really like this initially?

On February 13, at 11:00 GMT, a unique international conference KALEIDOSCOPE OF FACTS. ABOUT THE HOLY SPIRIT will take place, where the most fascinating facts about such a mysterious Personality as the Holy Spirit will be revealed.

What are shadows? Who are succubi and incubi? Is it possible to control shadows? How can a person protect himself from them?

Global online Conference "Creative Society. What the prophets dreamed of" March 20, 2021 at 15:00 GMT. An unprecedented event in modern history, initiated by people from all over the world. People have stopped being silent about the important problems of our society....

The world is on the verge of a nuclear apocalypse. Is this the world we dreamed of? No? So let's change it. Join December 20, 2020, the global international online conference "Creative Society. United we can."

Have you thought what kind of world you want to live in? What format of society do you choose?

What does history teach us? Wars, power, struggle for survival. Don't we create history ourselves in every day? Can we change something and on whom do changes in society depend?

Pyramids on Earth have been explored for many centuries. Thousands of these structures have already been found on our planet and they continue to be found to this day.

You are the one who can change this world. It is the Time! What is happening to the world today is the result of the consumerist format of society.

Ancient pyramids were built in different parts of our planet under the ground and under water. Some are already covered with sand, others are overgrown with forests, some of them are hidden in the mountains.

Secret societies and their role in our history. The most mysterious and most significant relics of the world