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The presence of sacred mysteries and mystics in temple architecture has quite a scientific basis.

Harbingers of the End Days which the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) spoke about are coming true. How many years are left until the Day of Judgement? Is the Day of Judgment the will of Allah or the result of our choice? What are we waiting fo...

This episode of "Psychology. Discovering the Truth” project is about responsibility!

What awaits a person after the death of the physical body? Are you ready to get an answer to this important question? In the new episode of the unique research project Kaleidoscope of Facts, you will learn something that will change your ideas about the after-death fate...

When choosing a specialist to solve your problem, you should think and ask yourself at least these questions! What for? So that you won't regret the result! If you conduct a quick comparative analysis of methods that are used in psychology and in magic, you can find a...

In this crazy turn of history, do you think there is nothing you can do? You absolutely can! Every American citizen has a chance to see a way out. In order to find the answer, we must first determine what we are in fact dealing with.

The most important question in every person’s life! The question that determines all goals. The question that puts everything in its place. The question that frees you from lies. The question that haunts billions of people. The question that costs lives!

In this episode of the project "Psychology. Discovering the Truth", we discuss the topic of panic attacks. This phenomenon has become increasingly common in recent years, and the traditional medical approach has proved to be powerless in solving this issue.

Zarathustra, Buddha, Jesus and Muhammad... Each of them walked through the path of life of an ordinary human, but thanks to their sincere love to God and people, they managed to become the most honorable representatives of humanity.

Participants of the project "Psychology. Discovering the Truth” answer viewers' questions: resentment and dissatisfaction in relationships, as well as fear for our loved ones.

Every human dreams of living in a happy and safe world, where love and mutual respect prevail. So why have we existed for thousands of years in a society torn apart by endless wars, hunger, and violence?

A large-scale and unprecedented event, organized thanks to the independent unification of millions of people from 180 countries on the Creative Society platform. 100 languages of simultaneous interpreting.

Magnificent megaliths have always attracted people's attention. For what purpose did the ancients leave them as a legacy for us? What is the true role of megaliths in anticipation of planetary disaster?

The issue of prolonging life has interested people at all times. There have always been those who studied the possibility of extending human life beyond the species limit. Numerous mentions of that have remained in the history of mankind. Yet, what technologies and deve...

Each of us individually goes our own way of development. And it's time for everyone to honestly answer themselves: "Who am I? What's my purpose?" and "Why am I here?"

Dear friends! We invite you to a meeting dedicated to preparations for the global international forum “GLOBAL CRISIS. WE ARE PEOPLE. WE WANT TO LIVE”, which will be held as part of the Creative Society project.

Climate disasters are raging all over the world, and every day we see how our common enemy, the climate, is taking more and more territories, homes and the most valuable thing — people's lives.

💓 Every year on February 25th, a huge and bright holiday begins for everyone who felt inner love and chose it for real! After all, at this time we can feel real Unity with everyone who loves, feels and is ready to constantly improve themselves in spiritual development.

Why do people suddenly start speaking in an ancient language? Why do people spontaneously demonstrate unusual abilities? And why are we touched by young children whose talents and behavior do not correspond to their age?

Watch Live a new unprecedented project "The Other World ONLINE", created as part of the "Shadow Control" international research project. There has never been anything like this in the world before. You will be able to become eyewitnesses of incredible events in real-ti...