Hundreds of comets, Billions of stars and planets,

Mysterious structures of antiquity. Unknown construction techniques, physics and unique geometry of forms. The history of the creation of temples. Who built these structures and for what purpose?

True Love is a generous inner gift. A loving person sees in another a kinship, the beauty of one's Soul. And when one reveals Love within oneself – Love for God, for the Soul – then it is reflected in the world around us. And this new song on ALLATRA TV is about that!

The song “Creative Society Is Our Choice” has been inspired by the idea of the unity of all people in the world around the universal value of Human Life. It’s an invitation for everyone to watch the International online forum "Global Crisis. We are People. We Want to Li...

Song “Prophet's Dream” by RoyStar SoundSick and Keana was premiered at the “Creative Society. What the Prophets Dreamed of'' International Online Conference – a unique event that united people from the whole world in one Truth.

Participants of ALLATRA TV visited Joshua Steven Ford, an award-winning musician from the Metro Detroit area. In the interview, Josh shares about his life journey as a musician and the owner of The Sound Shop Recording Studio. Also, Josh speaks on the need for all peopl...

In August 2021, Odessa, the cinematographic capital of Ukraine, hosted the 12th International Film Festival. During the years of its existence, the festival has become an unparalleled film event in Ukraine as well as gained broad international recognition.

Our Earth
Our Earth
International online conference “Global Crisis. This Already Affects Everyone” 07.24.2021 is an important event for the fate of all humanity! This large-scale event inspired participants of ALLATRA International Public Movement to create the song “Our Earth”.

An understanding of the importance of the International Online Conference “Global Crisis. This already affects everyone” for the fate of all mankind, for our survival, inspired the participants of the ALLATRA International Public Movement to create this song.

Rico is a performer of hits by the legendary Gipsy Kings band, which are known in all parts of the globe. For several decades, the creative work of this talented singer, composer, and songwriter and his international team has been gladdening listeners in Austria, German...

Havana... How much life is kept in one of the most beautiful cities in the western hemisphere! The living beauty of the city is in its inhabitants.

Lyrics by Steve Piper AKA The Wizard Emcee/ MC Positive Vision

The song that makes your day. Inspiring song of 2021!

In a sincere and open-hearted conversation, the famous singer Avraam Russo shared what inspires and motivates him every day. How were his inner values formed which became the foundation in his life? What is the meaning of human life, in his opinion? What should we alway...

Save the World is a new song in English by the famous singer Avraam Russo. The international presentation of it took place on March 20, 2021, at the unique global conference "Creative Society. What the Prophets Dreamed of." We thank Avraam Russo for this beautiful compo...

On March 20th, 2021, a historical event took place, which humanity had been expecting over the last 6 thousand years. It was the international online conference "Creative Society. What the Prophets Dreamed of." For the first time, people from all over the world have pur...

I want to live in Creative Society,

An artist and psychologist from the Netherlands, Myrthe Lisanne on Love, Happiness, Good and Bad sides of Personality and Personal choice; about global connection among all the people and our Human mission on this planet.

Interview with Daud Kim on ALLATRA TV