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In this vlog an active participant in AllatRa International Public Movement  Nicole shared her observations about how the system generates  patterns of information perception and how, becoming free of it, we can help our neighbor.

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Mohammed tells us that Muslims are expecting the appearance of Imam Mahdi and that according to legends He will tell people how to get on the righteous path. After all, today people have forgotten their spiritual nature and do not treat one another in a good way.

In this life vlog: How the system tries to stop you on your way to God, how it gives you doubts, and how not to become a betrayer.

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Tatyana Zinchenko, a practicing psychologist, psychotherapist,  rehabilitation expert, Ph.D., President of the International Association for the Study of Game Addictions (IASGA), Switzerland, in detail shares her impressions about meeting and communicating with artifici...

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In this video blog, Nicole shares insights on her life path. Division of people into spiritual or non-spiritual. Where do the attitudes that a spiritual person is better come from?..

In his Vlog, Masiga shares how radically his worldview changed after reading AllatRa book and how he realized what the main purpose of his life really is. 

In this life vlog Sergei from Dubai  is sharing his experience of participating in The International Public Movement AllatRa. He’s been with the movement for around three years. How did he start his journey?

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OVNI, une affaire d'État. UFO: A State Affair. A journalistic investigation with this name was released on July 15 as part of the news project TEMPS PRESENT on the central Swiss television channel RTS.

Short vlog on how Tina has met ALLATRA. Tells us a bit about how she stepped over her doubts and got to read AllatRa and get involved in AllatRa IPM projects. 

In this vlog, Jason describes how he found AllatRa knowledge and decided to act. He reached out to AllatRa IPM and got involved in different projects.  

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In this vlog about how one choice can change your entire life.

Oscar from Mexico, a participant of ALLATRA International Public Movement, shares his deep understanding of what he has found for his spiritual development in the books written by Anastasiya Novykh, such as the book AllatRa and the videos with participation of Igor Mikh...

Hard work conditions, lack of time can’t stop you from feeling God’s love inside. When you feel this love you’re in contact with the Spiritual world

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This vlog tells about the narrowed state of consciousness, humans’ attention, thoughts, and techniques for working with your consciousness based on personal experience.

Videos in other languages
In this vlog: - About the experience and insights acquired thanks to the videos with the participation of Igor Mikhailovich Danilov and the books by Anastasia Novykh. - About the personal experience of spiritual development and the working spiritual tools that help on...

Dylan from Canada shares his experience of familiarization with ALLATRA International Public Movement.  After reading the book "AllatRa" and watching the programmes with participation of Igor Mikhailovich Danilov,  Dylan has realized the true crisis that we are in as...

The feeling of unity with people is an incredible experience, it helped me to realise in practice that ALLATRA isn’t just a word, ALLATRA is inside of each person, the unconditional Love that you feel is ALLATRA - God’s Love!

Pedro from Birmingham is very pleased to participate in ALLATRA International Public Movement. He also shares his experience of reading the AllatRa book. He believes that it is a very powerful book that changes people for the good, teaches how to hear your inner voice a...