In the new episode of Shadow Control, in the section Behind the Veil of Magic Secrets, discover secrets of voodoo magic in an interview with the voodoo priestess Mama Zondo.

A story of how negative emotions and a desire to attract the attention of the opposite sex brings creatures of the invisible world into a person’s life.

Science discussion project GAME OF PROFESSIONALS. What is consciousness? Film 5 is a sequel of discussion of the most acute unresolved issues in modern psychology and psychiatry.

The phenomenon of ALLATRA as an international self-organizing public movement which is unique in the world. Why, how and on what values do people unite all over the world, regardless of nationality, social status and place of residence?

When a person is interested in something mystical, it is important to be vigilant. One has to pay for a desire to gain supernatural abilities, and the price is exorbitantly high. Your life will turn into suffering and pain. You will not find peace either day or night. Y...

What is a dispute, what is its cause and consequence? What awakens inside at that? Why do emotions boil up between disputants? Why is it very difficult to withdraw from a dispute?

Curanderos: healers of the Amazon. Representatives of the ancient Peruvian shaman tradition Raul and Mauricio have become the guests of the Shadow Control global research project.

On the ALLATRA TV channel, the video Paranormal Phenomena in a Human Being was released. In the process of filming, the video camera recorded several unusual manifestations. We became interested in one of them: a manifestation of runic symbols on the iris as well as of...

The sun. How long ago did people start watching him? What do we know about it and its impact on our planet? Observatories dating back more than 5,000 years have been found all over the world. Why did the ancients so closely observe the stars and planets?

In-depth analysis of the subjects topical for every person. Who am I? What is the True meaning of Life? How to break away from the vicious circle of thoughts and problems?

Why didn't the Prophets write the Scriptures with their own hands? What is the true meaning of the 8th and 9th verses of the 81st Sura? What do these verses of the Surah “Twisting” have to do with our present day? How to come to Allah? How to reach Paradise? What to do...

What did the Prophets dream of at different times? Of life in Love and equality, in peace and justice - of the Creative and the Ideal Society. What universal Truth did they bring to this world? How did the Prophets envision the world of the future? What were their predi...

Dear friends! On December 20, 2020, a large-scale event of global significance took place: the unique international online conference Creative Society. United We Can.

2021 New Year Greeting from Igor Mikhailovich Danilov.

What will be the benefits for a human in the nearest future, after building the Creative Society? How fast will the social structure of society, the human habitat and people’s everyday life change, taking into account the newest discoveries in physics that will ensure e...

At this difficult time of total people's disunity, global crises (from economic to climate), people unite on the basis of the Creative Society in order not only to survive together, but also to give a wonderful future to all humankind.

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