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🌎 The ocean is a source of life on our planet. But just a bit more, and it will cease to be a source of life and turn into a source of our death.

Do you know what's different about modern humanity? We've started doing something that no one else has ever thought of before – making plastic.

The Creative Society participants attended the Disasters Expo USA event, where they had the opportunity to meet Richard Fimbel, Director of Emergency Management at the South Florida Water Management District.

đź“Ť What kind of force is affecting the cores of all the planets right now, including the core of the Earth, destabilizing them and causing changes in magnetic fields, and why is this happening synchronously?

Why has the number of natural disasters increased abruptly on our planet? What is actually happening to the climate? What threats do climate change pose in 2024 and the coming years?

In 1995, independently of each other, global scientific research centers recorded abnormal changes in three Earth parameters:

Creative Society participants had the privilege of attending the Disasters Expo USA event, where they had the opportunity to meet Deputy Director Jamie Rhome from the NOAA/National Hurricane Center. The mission of NOAA is to understand and predict changes in climate, we...

Participants of the Creative Society had the privilege of attending the Disasters Expo USA event, where they had the opportunity to meet Joshua Barnes, the Director of the Disaster Response Coordination System (DRCS) at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration...

Who are they – the mediators between God and people? Why are religious rituals and traditions akin to magic? Angelology and heavenly hierarchy – how and for what purpose did they arise? How did Plato interpret the concept of goodness, and what significance did it have f...

"I have no expertise in this" So, what is your favorite excuse? How do you reassure yourself when you watch the news about another natural disaster?

We live on planet Earth, but sometimes we don't even realize that we are rushing through the Universe at tremendous speed. Our planet is a living spaceship.

Energy vampires are among us! Do you think these are fairy tales?

A wise parable about how to transform oneself and become truly free.

Videos based on the books by Anastasia Novykh and ALLATRA TV programmes
How to become Love and what the meaning of life is — watch in this video. Human life is a flow of states. Those states to which a person pays more attention become prevailing in his or her day. The task of a person who follows the spiritual path is to constantly mainta...

In August 2021, Odessa, the cinematographic capital of Ukraine, hosted the 12th International Film Festival. During the years of its existence, the festival has become an unparalleled film event in Ukraine as well as gained broad international recognition.

Our planet has entered a period of global change that humanity cannot escape or control. What are the deep underlying causes of what is happening?

All inhabitants of the Earth are in mortal danger. The planet's magnetic field has weakened by 9%. The Earth can be left without water, air and life, as it happened on Mars. The media are silent about this threat, and humanity continues to plunge into the abyss of the c...

Whichever area we touch, AI is ready to offer us its digital helping hand everywhere. And this is just the beginning because technology is rapidly evolving. But when AI and robots are able to fully replace humans, what kind of future awaits us?

What is the main reason for the global crisis in which we find ourselves?

We live in a huge landfill. You probably don't see it from your window, but the air, the water, the land - everything is poisoned by rubbish. Garbage is everywhere, from the top of Mount Everest to the bottom of the Mariana Trench. We have turned our planet into a garba...