It is absolutely obvious that the planet's climate is changing, and these changes do not occur smoothly and measuredly, but suddenly and abruptly. As a result, all living organisms on the planet do not have time to adapt to these changes. This greatly affects the health...

Sudden temperature changes have already entered the permanent list of natural anomalies in 2021. Watch more about this and other natural disasters on the planet in this broadcast. Also, we have a special guest, a participant of the international online conference “Creat...

The consequence of climate change has been a series of devastating cataclysms that swept across the planet.

The force and frequency of cataclysms is increasing all over the planet! A single person is incapable of stopping them but united, we have a chance to survive the upcoming cataclysms.

Reports from eyewitnesses of natural disasters show a complete and real picture of the cataclysms taking place. A week ago, we talked about a powerful earthquake in Japan. In this episode watch an eyewitness report about this seismic event, as well as climatic changes i...

Snowfalls in the United States and Chile have set new records. These natural disasters, as well as heavy rains, have caused landslides, numerous road accidents, power outages and evacuations. Unfortunately, casualties were reported.

Spain continues to experience extreme weather - powerful storms and earthquake become the usual on the peninsula. While Southern Africa, England and Indonesia - all have fallen victims to flooding once again.

The sun. How long ago did people start watching him? What do we know about it and its impact on our planet? Observatories dating back more than 5,000 years have been found all over the world. Why did the ancients so closely observe the stars and planets?

Natural cataclysms keep escalating around the world killing hundreds of people. Is there anything we can do to prevent the unnecessary deaths?

About the acquired understanding thanks to the videos with the participation of Igor Mikhailovich Danilov and the books by Anastasia Novykh. Insights after watching the video "CLIMATE APOCALYPSE: ILLUSION OR REALITY?"

In many regions of the world, record low temperatures and heavy snowfalls were recorded.

Global climate change hasn't slowed down a bit as we can see in this episode of breaking new. More severe weather, more storms, more property damages and human causalities. What can we, humanity, do in these difficult for us times?

Increasing volcanic activity around the world, storms and tornadoes, lost lives - this is the reality of we're facing right now due to climate change.

A large number of countries around the world continue to suffer from global climate change. Floods, snowstorms and tornadoes have become a regular and no longer surprise anyone, yet millions of people continue to suffer from bad weather events.

The climate is changing - this is clearly shown by the statistics of natural disasters over the past 10 years. Every year there are more and more climate disasters

Natural catastrophes and global climate change have become old news but millions of people are suffering and will continue to suffer from it. In this episode, massive floods and Colombia and Brazil, mass evacuation in India and activation of volcanoes in Indonesia.

During this interview, Yuriy Sergeevich Shevchuk, a journalist, radio host, writer, and public figure, shared with ALLATRA TV his expert opinion on the topic of global climate change.

November 2020 hasn't been merciful to thousands of people all over the world. Hurricane Iota in South America, natural disasters in South Africa and ice storms in China and Russia are among natural disasters that struck in November.