Why is there a steadily increasing number of people around the world who are affected by behavioral and mental disorders, as well as mental illnesses? How does climate change influence the mental health of the planet's population? Why nowadays do we observe a decrease i...

What manipulation tools do you know? Television, Internet, clip presentation of information, NLP and advertising. Is everything listed here? Probably not…

Why are volcanoes waking up? What affects our climate? Cyclicity: new facts. These questions are answered in this video by Douglas Vogt, science writer, researcher, and professional member of the Geological Society of America.

Every human dreams of living in a happy and safe world, where love and mutual respect prevail. So why have we existed for thousands of years in a society torn apart by endless wars, hunger, and violence?

A large-scale and unprecedented event, organized thanks to the independent unification of millions of people from 180 countries on the Creative Society platform. 100 languages of simultaneous interpreting.

Humanity’s last war has begun. It is an undeclared war.

Videos from the programme “Consciousness and Personality"
“Life cannot be temporary, only existence can be temporary.” Rigden Djappo

Did you know that 5000 years ago in Ancient Egypt they had a Creative Society? It was at the time of Imhotep, the great scientist, astronomer and architect.

For Everyone
For Everyone
Spiritual practice. The practice of tunnelling. Work on oneself. Global climate change. Different physics. The multipurpose complex VOSKHOD (SUNRISE) — a new development by the XP NRG company. Communications of the future, prospects and capabilities of XP NRG.

Unique device “PYRAMID” which has no analogues in the world, allows proving experimentally that consciousness is outside of a human’s body.

Have you ever wondered how the universe came to be? How does it work? Why does man exist in it?

The Universe... How did it come into being? Is it the result of the Big Bang or is it God's design? Scientists' opinions and their confirmation of the Universe's creation by the intelligent force.

With the current level of medical advancement and the adoption of high technology, why do cancer rates continue to rise and claim the lives of millions of people each year? Is cancer a sentence or is there a way out?

Life in the Spiritual World. What is the Spiritual World, the World of diversity and infinite Love, where no moment is repeated? The paradoxes of life in the Spiritual World: dynamics in statics. Why is the World of God eternal, while the world of the Universe (matter)...

Our inspiration to produce this video came from the video "XP NRG: World’s First Creators of Artificial Consciousness" with the participation of Igor Mikhailovich Danilov and the valuable knowledge Igor Mikhailovich has shared.

Are you sure that the world around you is real? The choice is up to you.

CLIMATE CHANGE: what is happening, and WHAT SHOULD BE DONE? Threats and risks of the nearest decade. Questions and ANSWERS. We are people, and WE WANT TO LIVE! The future of humanity. How to survive? What changes will take place in the world economy and geopolitics? How...

What if our world isn't real? What if we all live in a hologram, an artificially created system, in other words, the Matrix?

The remote impact on human blood has been experimentally acknowledged.

Pyramids. Why were these impressive megalithic structures built? Did the ancient civilizations have a sufficient level of knowledge and technology to build them, or was it a paleocontact?