Will robots replace humans? It was interesting to talk about this topic with people from different professional fields.

We are at the point of no return after which people will not be able to re-create and fix anything. Next is the stage of environmental disaster. In some parts of the globe, this stage has already come. This situation leads to the death of all life, including humanity.

Havana... How much life is kept in one of the most beautiful cities in the western hemisphere! The living beauty of the city is in its inhabitants.

The sun. How long ago did people start watching him? What do we know about it and its impact on our planet? Observatories dating back more than 5,000 years have been found all over the world. Why did the ancients so closely observe the stars and planets?

What is this resource that has become a necessity for survival and which is in acute shortage among people? People are looking for intelligent life on other planets, but is there intelligent life on Earth?

A fascinating film about Cuba and its people. Exclusive interviews about life and inner human values. The unifying role of Cuban culture. What the Cuban soul is. A film about choice and responsibility, respect, Life and Love. And what the Creative Society is.

Have you ever thought about why you have the image of God as an old man sitting on a throne? Do you really think you’ve never heard of the country of El? How strong is El today in your mind?

Why do Shambala & Masons have similar symbols & how to distinguish them? What’s the difference between free stonecutters and freemasons organizations?

WHAT IS THE IMPOSED CONFRONTATION FOR? How long will it last? Stop dividing us! We are Americans, and first and foremost, we are the people of planet Earth. We need to unite and build the Creative Society together

What was the role of the Sumerians in the development of all the classic and modern civilizations in the consumer format? What went wrong with the Sumer Empire and what lessons can be learnt?

How to change the format of our society in a peaceful way and secure a better future for humanity? In this video we present the foundations and stages of building the Creative Society.

Atlantis was a highly advanced Empire that reached the peak of its development 12,000 years ago, but it was destroyed overnight.

Videos based on the books by Anastasia Novykh and ALLATRA TV programmes
A book is a great way to convey knowledge and wisdom. Living in a small city, a person with good intentions can start a chain of good deeds. Kindness and love are things that you want to share with everyone. It fills you with joy and meaning of life.

Fortuities are not accidental in our life. Important information may sometimes come in a completely unexpected way. How to change the future? What can each of us do? Understanding of the true essence of things enables one to make a choice. Our future depends on the choi...

It is a unique opportunity to discover what the world is living by, what people of various countries think and care about: representatives of different professions and spheres of society

The report was prepared by the international scientific and research group ALLATRA SCIENCE of the ALLATRA International Public Movement, under the editorship of Anastasia Novykh. 

Sooner or later every modern sensible person realizes that it is necessary, first of all, to find inner balance in oneself and peace of mind. Only within oneself a person can understand and realize the purpose for which he or she was born in this world. Indeed, without...

Since antiquity, people have known that every choice that a person makes during the day doesn’t pass unnoticed - and first of all for himself, for the destiny that he forms for himself. They knew that a man, despite the death of the material body, could continue to live...

Ancient Egypt, Polynesia, Africa... Gobekli-Tepe is a civilization up to 12 thousand years ago. The Maori language in New Zealand... The connection of each era and with each culture has been traced for thousands of years. The unconditional language that everyone knew wa...