Our entire habitual material life is just a game, but what are its rules? At all times, people have been given the Knowledge — simple guidelines on how to free themselves from illusion and return to the true home of humanity — the Spiritual World.

The phenomenon of the power of attention. How did Ahnenerbe obtain advanced scientific information about atomic fission, vimanas and other things through female mediums of the Vril Society? Unknown facts. Is it possible to repeat this experiment? How to arrange the proc...

Zarathustra, Buddha, Jesus and Muhammad... Each of them walked through the path of life of an ordinary human, but thanks to their sincere love to God and people, they managed to become the most honorable representatives of humanity.

Zarathushtra, Buddha, Jesus, and Muhammed are Great Personalities who at different times brought to people the Primordial Knowledge that awakens hearts and gives true freedom.

Each of us has been in slavery since birth. We are being controlled and manipulated, while we don't even notice how it happens.

The last war against all humanity is underway! But the siren will not warn you of the impending danger. The enemy is fighting us not with missiles, bombs or bullets. And today there is nothing we can oppose it.

The Ancient connection – a journey to explore astonishing megalithic structures, prehistoric rock art, new archeological findings, and ancient sacred texts with an open mind. The Ancient connection was born with a specific purpose in mind: highlighting the similarities...

Archaic Knowledge is the go-to destination for alternative history enthusiasts who wish to enforce their belief that other sophisticated civilizations existed before us by discovering the lush and sometimes quirky legacy left by our forebearers. We're currently building...

Videos from the programme “Consciousness and Personality"
Allat and AllatRa signs have been present in the cultures of all peoples of the world, on every continent, since time immemorial. This video is a historical selection of Allat and AllatRa signs and symbols from Asia, Europe, Africa, America, and Oceania.

Videos from the programme “Consciousness and Personality"
The Mother of God is worshipped in all cultures of the world. There are more than 700 various images of Her. How is Virgin Mary portrayed in different countries: China, Japan, Mexico, America, and Africa? Inculturation of Christianity in the world.

Magnificent megaliths have always attracted people's attention. For what purpose did the ancients leave them as a legacy for us? What is the true role of megaliths in anticipation of planetary disaster?

Ancient civilizations on different continents have left humankind many mysteries that we have yet to solve. Kailas, Sphinx, Gunung Padang, Baalbek - the secrets of these and other amazing places on our planet excite the minds of both scientists and enthusiastic research...

Did you know that 5000 years ago in Ancient Egypt they had a Creative Society? It was at the time of Imhotep, the great scientist, astronomer and architect.

On November 13, 2021, at 2 p.m. GMT, the international conference KALEIDOSCOPE OF FACTS "GELIARS. WARRIORS OF LIGHT" will take place.

CLIMATE CHANGE: what is happening, and WHAT SHOULD BE DONE? Threats and risks of the nearest decade. Questions and ANSWERS. We are people, and WE WANT TO LIVE! The future of humanity. How to survive? What changes will take place in the world economy and geopolitics? How...

Pyramids. Why were these impressive megalithic structures built? Did the ancient civilizations have a sufficient level of knowledge and technology to build them, or was it a paleocontact?

For many centuries, scientists and researchers have been looking for answers to the questions, "Who built the pyramids all over the Earth and for what purpose? Where did people in ancient times draw knowledge for the construction of such monumental structures?"

On July 13, 2021, at 15:00 GMT, a significant 12th international online conference "KALEIDOSCOPE OF FACTS. HOLY MARY. CREATING POWER OF LOVE" will be held.

Everyone has a deep need for real, True Love - the love that fills a person with meaning and Life. At all times, people have had knowledge about this power that creates worlds, and of the One who brings this power to Earth.

The one who knows the past understands the present and can foresee the future. (Sumerian cuneiform tablet). People must rediscover the truth about the fate of the previous civilization of Atlantis in order to prevent history from repeating itself in our times.