From the formation of ancient civilizations and city-states to the present day, politicians and priests have used the tools of power to keep peoples in subjection and maintain their own status. They skillfully manipulate beautiful slogans and values to which all people...

When the Truth is distorted, Falsehood triumphs. In such a world, egoism, pridefulness and inhumanity predominate. Where there is the power of one person over another, there is no place for love, compassion and mutual respect.

The phenomenon of ALLATRA as an international self-organizing public movement which is unique in the world. Why, how and on what values do people unite all over the world, regardless of nationality, social status and place of residence?

What science fiction ideas can become our reality in the nearest future and change the course of history?

On the 11th of December, 2020 we had a conversation with Sasha Nadjfeji, the discoverer of the Rtanj pyramid. The exploration of this three-sided pyramid is an amazing experience as research has shown that Rtanj is much more than a mountain because of its precise pyrami...

On March 13, at 15:00 GMT, a unique international conference KALEIDOSCOPE OF FACTS. PROSPECTS OF CIVILIZATION will take place, where the most fascinating facts about our prospects of civilization development in Creative Society will be revealed.

On February 13 at 11:00 GMT there will take place a unique international conference KALEIDOSCOPE OF FACTS "ABOUT THE HOLY SPIRIT".

So, how is a human different from an animal? For many people today, the answer is obvious, “By the level of intelligence, of course!”

The sun. How long ago did people start watching him? What do we know about it and its impact on our planet? Observatories dating back more than 5,000 years have been found all over the world. Why did the ancients so closely observe the stars and planets?

Today everyone understands that the format of relationships between people in society must be changed! But what is the role of man himself in the process of transforming society? What does it mean to have personal responsibility? And what can each of us do to transform...

What do we know about ancient signs and symbols that have come down to us through the ages? Why is information about them extremely limited and often contains questionable interpretations related to occult teachings

Have you ever thought about why you have the image of God as an old man sitting on a throne? Do you really think you’ve never heard of the country of El? How strong is El today in your mind?

Why do Shambala & Masons have similar symbols & how to distinguish them? What’s the difference between free stonecutters and freemasons organizations?

The Kailash region is one of the most mysterious places on our planet, where the sources of the four great and most important rivers of Asia originate from. This is a second live interview with Sergey Balalaev on ALLATRA TV where he discloses the mysticism of the Kailas...

Pyramids of the world! Unknown pages of history are opening for all mankind by the unique international research project "Kaleidoscope of facts."

Pyramids on Earth have been explored for many centuries. Thousands of these structures have already been found on our planet and they continue to be found to this day.

A captivating conversation with Goran Marjanovic, an engineer and independent researcher, working in the valley of the Bosnian pyramids in Visoko. The Bosnian pyramid complex is undoubtedly a candidate for a further research.

A live interview with Mark Carlotto, an aerospace engineer, about unusual surface features on Mars such as the Face and other structures in the Cydonia region of Mars. Mark draws from his unique background and experience to propose new answers to basic questions concern...

What was the role of the Sumerians in the development of all the classic and modern civilizations in the consumer format? What went wrong with the Sumer Empire and what lessons can be learnt?