Social surveys

What kind of world would people like to live in? What changes need to happen in society for everyone to feel happy? What universal human values should prevail in society? What is true association and unity?

This international social survey was conducted by volunteers-researchers of the "Kaleidoscope of Facts" project.

People from around the world share with us great ideas about the society they would love to live in. In this video Yasser Eltayar, an entrepreneur from Lebanon provides his vision of Creative Society, and how we, as a society, can create a better future for ourselves, o...

On May 22, 2021, the whole world witnessed an unprecedented event - a unique international conference “Life After Death. Fictions and Facts”. The truth about the post-death human’s fate has been revealed to all mankind in more than 50 languages for the first time in the...

A successful business that grows well and benefits everyone. Self-motivated employees who do their job with the highest quality! Convenient working conditions for everyone! Professional growth and development in a team! Enjoying the work!

We've met Sophie and Tim from Belgium and were very excited to hear their vision of what unites all people in the world, and what kind of society they would like to live in.

Residents of Michigan shared their opinion on how to get rid of the issue of violence in the family and make our society happier

AllatRa TV team from USA conducted a social survey with residents of Michigan city within the framework of The Universal Grain project

What the participants of the Empowering Unwed Mothers in Korea forum think about violence against women, domestic violence in the family and the main role of women in society

In the interview for AllatRa TV, Alla Kushnir, a belly dance teacher, shares with us her view on a creative society.

An engineer from Calgary (Canada) Sahba Akbari shared his sincere and well-grounded opinion on the issue of violence in society in his interview for ALLATRA TV 

Marcel Bernet, a sculptor from Zurich, Switzerland specially for "The Universal Grain" project shares his experience in art and tells what inspires him to create sculptures from wood.

Many people from all over the world talk about their attitude towards the problem of violence. Beatrice from Louisiana (USA) shares her view on this issue, telling how it is important to understand and realize, that violence in society is only taken out with humanity, i...

ALLATRA TV Ireland visited a ladies meeting held at the Crane Bird Art School in Mullingar. Ladies discussed such questions as what unites all people, what values should prevail in society, what can we and each of us do to make the world a better place for us and our ch...

In the framework of the project “NO TO VIOLENCE IN THE FAMILY AND SOCIETY”, people from different countries talk about the fact that a person, as a part of society, is responsible for what is happening around. It is necessary that the problem of violence be addressed at...

Within the framework of the project “NO TO VIOLENCE IN THE FAMILY AND SOCIETY” on the platform of ALLATRA IPM, Manish Mundada from Calgary (Canada) shares his views on how to eradicate the problem of violence in the modern world, starting with family relations.