Fear. Concerns. Conflicts. That is the reality of today. But we humans deserve a better future. We still have the opportunity to change the vector of development of our society.

On March 13, at 15:00 GMT, a unique international conference KALEIDOSCOPE OF FACTS. PROSPECTS OF CIVILIZATION will take place, where the most fascinating facts about our prospects of civilization development in Creative Society will be revealed.

Look around: what kind of society are we living in nowadays? Why in the 21st century are we still unable to live in peace and harmony with each other?

What do you choose? Society of destruction or Society worthy of a Human, Society of Creation. The choice is yours!

You are the one who can change this world. It is the Time! What is happening to the world today is the result of the consumerist format of society.

Official trailer of the film “THE UNIVERSAL GRAIN. LIFE. LOVE THAT GIVES FREEDOM. Film 2. Part 1” 

Social video "UNITE with like-minded PEOPLE" within the framework of the project "NO VIOLENCE in the FAMILY AND SOCIETY"

Signs and symbols
This video explains what the AllatRa sign means. Photos of ancient artifacts from different cultures and peoples with the AllatRa sign.  

We are very glad to invite to cooperation experts in different fields of basic and applied physics, who have familiarized themselves with the PRIMORDIAL ALLATRA PHYSICS and are interested in further learning and development of the given basis. Please, email to ALLATR...

ALLATRA International Public Movement unites millions of people from more than 140 countries of the world, because there are indeed many good, kind, and creatively active people who aspire to change the world for the better.

A social video "RISING UP FROM SLAVERY" within the framework of the project "NO TO VIOLENCE IN THE FAMILY AND SOCIETY" on ALLATRA TV.

The UNIVERSAL GRAIN — a fundamental social research project by ALLATRA International Public Movement. Unique, one of a kind international social research initiated and carried out by people themselves in more than 140 countries of  the globe.

ALLATRA is life, unity, friendship, kindness and, first of all, People! The participants of ALLATRA International Public Movement are people, who live in different countries of the world, represent different religions, of different ages, nationalities, and who, havin...

Thousands of people from different countries of the world take part in "THE UNIVERSAL GRAIN" project of ALLATRA International Public Movement. The main goal of the project and activity of its participants is to identify common and universal for all peoples grains of spi...

Unique apparatus “PYRAMID” which has no analogues in the world, allows to prove experimentally that consciousness is outside of a human’s body. New generation equipment which allows to conduct experiments, which allow to study such subjects as influence at a distance,...

Thanks to the PRIMORDIAL ALLATRA PHYSICS, humanity can make an evolutionary change in science as physics is the basis of all natural sciences

Thanks to the PRIMORDIAL AL­LATRA PHYSICS ( we can conduct any experiments with absolute accu­racy, without guessing and predict­ing, while complaining about unac­counted for factors. In today’s world, vast resources are spent on the main­t...

The report "PRIMORDIAL ALLATRA PHYSICS" was prepared by the international research group ALLATRA SCIENCE of ALLATRA International Public Movement under the editorship of Anastasia Novykh.

Currently, the Coordination Center of ALLATRA International Public Movement is located in Kiev, Ukraine. For this reason, all international events organized by ALLATRA IPM - conferences, congresses, round tables, seminars, cultural meetings, international progressive ev...