What if our world isn't real? What if we all live in a hologram, an artificially created system, in other words, the Matrix?

Everything you think or do requires your attention. Your attention is a treasure. Ever wondered why? Today billions are invested to catch your attention. What is the purpose of this? What if we are all being manipulated?

Today, humankind faces many global threats: environmental and climatic ones. But the main danger for us lies in a widespread separation.

For many centuries, scientists and researchers have been looking for answers to the questions, "Who built the pyramids all over the Earth and for what purpose? Where did people in ancient times draw knowledge for the construction of such monumental structures?"

The time has come to realize the REALITY of the WORLD'S THREATS. The global crisis is gaining momentum every day. The world's financial and economic, ecological, anthropological, climatic crises are realities that every human being is already facing. Will the future of...

We live in a time of changes. One has only to look at the climate, the people who surround us. The times of choice, that's what's happening now. A human life that is worthless. Indifference to the future. Thoughts and desires for more and more material wealth. But at wh...

Decrease of morality, pandemic, growth of climatic catastrophes, mental diseases and also social, political, ecological crises. Humanity has reached the edge of decay. The Signs of the Last Days, which of the Prophets coming to this world talked about in different times...

What do you know about Havana and the heart of Havana - its people? What is the secret of Havana's joy and vibrancy? What do Havana's prominent people say about it?

Extraterrestrial civilizations. The Anunnaki. Are they present on our planet? Who are they: helpers or enslavers? What is their mission on Earth? How to separate the truth from fiction in the sea of information?

Fear. Concerns. Conflicts. That is the reality of today. But we humans deserve a better future. We still have the opportunity to change the vector of development of our society.

On March 13, at 15:00 GMT, a unique international conference KALEIDOSCOPE OF FACTS. PROSPECTS OF CIVILIZATION will take place, where the most fascinating facts about our prospects of civilization development in Creative Society will be revealed.

Look around: what kind of society are we living in nowadays? Why in the 21st century are we still unable to live in peace and harmony with each other?

What do you choose? Society of destruction or Society worthy of a Human, Society of Creation. The choice is yours!

You are the one who can change this world. It is the Time! What is happening to the world today is the result of the consumerist format of society.

Official trailer of the film “THE UNIVERSAL GRAIN. LIFE. LOVE THAT GIVES FREEDOM. Film 2. Part 1” 

Social video "UNITE with like-minded PEOPLE" within the framework of the project "NO VIOLENCE in the FAMILY AND SOCIETY"

Signs and symbols
This video explains what the AllatRa sign means. Photos of ancient artifacts from different cultures and peoples with the AllatRa sign.  

We are very glad to invite to cooperation experts in different fields of basic and applied physics, who have familiarized themselves with the PRIMORDIAL ALLATRA PHYSICS and are interested in further learning and development of the given basis. Please, email to ALLATR...