Kaleidoscope of Facts

Every human dreams of living in a happy and safe world, where love and mutual respect prevail. So why have we existed for thousands of years in a society torn apart by endless wars, hunger, and violence?

Every person wants to be happy and strives for this throughout their life. But if we look at how society lives today, can we call it happy?

The Ancient connection – a journey to explore astonishing megalithic structures, prehistoric rock art, new archeological findings, and ancient sacred texts with an open mind. The Ancient connection was born with a specific purpose in mind: highlighting the similarities...

Archaic Knowledge is the go-to destination for alternative history enthusiasts who wish to enforce their belief that other sophisticated civilizations existed before us by discovering the lush and sometimes quirky legacy left by our forebearers. We're currently building...

It is very valuable to hear Christian’s and Raz’s opinions on the 8 Foundations of the Creative Society. In particular, they emphasized the importance of the 4th Foundation — Transparency and Openness of Information for All.

The idea of building the Creative Society unites more and more people from all over the world.

Magnificent megaliths have always attracted people's attention. For what purpose did the ancients leave them as a legacy for us? What is the true role of megaliths in anticipation of planetary disaster?

Ancient civilizations on different continents have left humankind many mysteries that we have yet to solve. Kailas, Sphinx, Gunung Padang, Baalbek - the secrets of these and other amazing places on our planet excite the minds of both scientists and enthusiastic research...

The issue of prolonging life has interested people at all times. There have always been those who studied the possibility of extending human life beyond the species limit. Numerous mentions of that have remained in the history of mankind. Yet, what technologies and deve...

The question of extending life has been of interest to people at all times. There have always been those who studied the possibility of extending human life beyond the species limit. There are many references to this in history. And what technologies and developments ex...

A human comes into this life looking for answers to the question, "Who am I? Why have I come into this world? What is my mission?" Answers to these questions will help a person make the right choice and a vital decision.

At all times and in all cultures, since the dawn of time, people have cherished the divine feminine principle, the life-giving force that by the will of God the Creator created and gave birth to all living things.

Have you ever wondered how the universe came to be? How does it work? Why does man exist in it?

The Universe... How did it come into being? Is it the result of the Big Bang or is it God's design? Scientists' opinions and their confirmation of the Universe's creation by the intelligent force.

For many centuries, MAGIC has attracted people, arouses interest and fear, cleverly lures into its nets, and sets traps. With the help of magic, people seek protection but fall under its influence themselves.

MAGIC: Having originated several million years ago along with mankind, it is still one of the main aspects of human life. Why does it attract people? What do they want to get by turning to magic?

On November 13, 2021, at 2 p.m. GMT, the international conference KALEIDOSCOPE OF FACTS "GELIARS. WARRIORS OF LIGHT" will take place.

Are you sure that the world around you is real? The choice is up to you.

The Matrix glitches that anyone can notice. How do they manifest themselves and what does this mean?

What if our world isn't real? What if we all live in a hologram, an artificially created system, in other words, the Matrix?