Kaleidoscope of Facts

What awaits us after death? Everyone has asked themselves this question at least once in their lifetime. Religions tell us about heaven and hell very vaguely. However, from time to time people did receive the true Knowledge of the afterlife destiny which was brought int...

The use of such a tool as the Overton Window is happening now, in our time. Public consciousness is being forced through the media to accept unacceptable moral norms, which eventually become a habit and are then upheld by law.

The Parable of the Sower is one of the parables told by Jesus Christ. It tells the story of seeds and sprouts. But its essence is that there is a spiritual seed in every person, and whether it will germinate or perish depends on the choice, aspiration and desire of a p...

Prophecies have been given to humankind at all times, including the one about the coming of Jesus. He came to people with good deeds and Love. And even when He was being crucified on the cross, His great soul was praying to God for people's forgiveness. Jesus Christ was...

What would you choose: to be this king of the world or the Buddha? Siddhartha Gautama made his choice!

When asked what gift He would wish more than anything else in the world, He replied, "That people would love one another."

If someone spits in your face, how would you react? A logical reaction would be anger, aggression, resentment, or indignation. But there were those who acted differently.

Who am I really? What is my essence? These are eternal questions that almost every human being has asked. Let's find out together who a human being is and what their true nature is.

The incredible research of the mysteries of history continues. Inconvenient facts about the true history of humankind allow us to learn the truth about our past and foresee the future.

A huge number of artifacts indicates that contact with representatives of other civilizations has never stopped. What mysteries are hidden by multiple archeological excavations, petroglyphs and findings with images of alien beings?

The contact between humans and aliens is one of the most mysterious and interesting issues that we continue to explore as part of the Kaleidoscope of Facts International Research Project.

"Where there is attention, there is power." It's not just an expression. Each person squanders his or her attention throughout life, but very few people think about its value.

Our entire habitual material life is just a game, but what are its rules? At all times, people have been given the Knowledge — simple guidelines on how to free themselves from illusion and return to the true home of humanity — the Spiritual World.

From time immemorial, we have been taught to develop the mind, intelligence, and memory. But so little is said about a person's inner potential and what each of us is capable of.

Is your whole life an illusion and programmed instincts? Just coding in your brain?!

Zarathustra, Buddha, Jesus and Muhammad... Each of them walked through the path of life of an ordinary human, but thanks to their sincere love to God and people, they managed to become the most honorable representatives of humanity.

Zarathushtra, Buddha, Jesus, and Muhammed are Great Personalities who at different times brought to people the Primordial Knowledge that awakens hearts and gives true freedom.

What manipulation tools do you know? Television, Internet, clip presentation of information, NLP and advertising. Is everything listed here? Probably not…

"Keep dreaming!" – we hear this in our modern society. By dreaming many people escape from problems, and some even learn to dream "correctly", imagining tiny details of what they want...

Each of us has been in slavery since birth. We are being controlled and manipulated, while we don't even notice how it happens.