People of Art

The project "Good in Action. Interviews with artists" opens a new facet of the friendly, free of status limitations, communication between people. Erasing all the illusory facets of social, age, religious, political, and national affiliations. In this project, all program participants find something innermost for themselves. Some find new friends, for others, the curtain of comprehension of the world and itself is slightly lifted, and still others finds answers to the eternal questions. And all this gives us an understanding that we are all one, that people are united in their spiritual nature. The creation of this programme was inspired by the aspiration of many people to bring joy, light, happiness and the desire to do good into this world! The creation of this program was inspired by the aspiration of many people to bring joy, light, happiness and the desire to do good to this world! Creativity, as one of the ways of conveying one's inner state to the outside world, today has become a way of life for many. While communicating in a friendly conversation with artists, it becomes obvious that each person internally strives for spiritual freedom, love and joy. The process itself of communicating with the person you see for the first time in your life, on the topics of spiritual development, the soul and the meaning of life, opens a new facet of comprehension of the world and yourself. The main purpose of this kind of interaction is to unite people on a spiritual, creative basis. After all, a creative person is in the field of view of many people and it is very important what he brings to society with his example. Today, the media presents famous people to society in the light of the consumer orientation. AllatRa TV staff and viewers shape the need for another communication vector aimed at creation and unification. Today, there is active filming of programmes with artists, singers, musicians, painters, and other creative people! After the programmes are released, active interaction is maintained, new ideas are implemented. Any person of good will, for whom good has become a way of life, is welcome to join the team! Together we can do a lot! Let's create new bright programs together, and fill them with light and joy! Because only "here and now", we can change ourselves and the world for the better! Everything is in our hands!  

An artist and psychologist from the Netherlands, Myrthe Lisanne on Love, Happiness, Good and Bad sides of Personality and Personal choice; about global connection among all the people and our Human mission on this planet.

Interview with Daud Kim on ALLATRA TV

An exclusive interview of the world renowned chant artists Deva Premal & Miten for AllatRa TV

А talented musician and improviser Manose Singh, together with the mantra performers Deva Premal and Miten, gives people music flowing from his bansuri instrument. This music fills people's hearts with warmth and harmony.  

A thought provoking and heart warming interview from participants of ALLATRA International Public Movement with Irish musician and showman, Finbar Coady

Peruquois is a well-known Australian singer, uniting music of various genres in her creativity, taking their origins in different parts of the World – that's why her songs relate to the World Music. She is called the Voice of Mother Earth, the Innermost Womanhood.

God is One! We are all brothers and sisters! And our Home is Planet Earth.

In a friendly atmosphere of ALLATRA TV studio we had an interesting conversation with Jerry – hip hop performer and musician from Nigeria. Jerry participates in such musical projects as Very The Jerry and Drum & Tuba Band. Jerry has shared with ALLATRA TV his understand...

Rocky Leon is a musician whose work brings together thousands of people around the world. Speaking about his work, Rocky Leon first draws attention to the fact that he tries to give people a feeling of ease, joy and light. "To live here and now in joy" - that's the...