Videos on the movie "FROM AN ATHEIST TO HOLINESS"

The one who knows the past understands the present and can foresee the future. (Sumerian cuneiform tablet). People must rediscover the truth about the fate of the previous civilization of Atlantis in order to prevent history from repeating itself in our times.

In this episode of “Atlantis” watch how the Olympus Gods entertained themselves by waging wars on each other, dividing peoples, punishing entire nations, and erasing them from the face of the Earth, while rewarding others. If you think this is all just a myth, find proo...

Who were the Olympus gods in reality? How come the Greek gods and goddesses had typical human vices, like anger, envy, pridefulness, etc.? What historical data does the Greek gods mythology contain?

Have you ever thought about why you have the image of God as an old man sitting on a throne? Do you really think you’ve never heard of the country of El? How strong is El today in your mind?

What was the role of the Sumerians in the development of all the classic and modern civilizations in the consumer format? What went wrong with the Sumer Empire and what lessons can be learnt?

What attaining of God’s Love is, how to develop oneself in Love? What does it mean to love and to be loved? What is perception through feelings? What is the Spiritual World?

Atlantis was a highly advanced Empire that reached the peak of its development 12,000 years ago, but it was destroyed overnight.

About the mysteries of the Atlantean civilization. What information did Plato give about Atlantis? What is the real reason why an antediluvian civilization sank? This is described in an excerpt of the documentary "ATLANTIS. THE ELITE IN SEARCH OF IMMORTALITY", given in...

What is the root cause of negative thoughts in your head? What program patterns does consciousness appeal to, to prove to a person that God does not exist? Why do the same thoughts and arguments of consciousness come to different people: “There is no God because He did...

It's a common situation both for believers and people who follow the spiritual path, when at some point a prayer or a spiritual practice is already becoming a formality. Why is this happening?

In this fragment about deeds that are pleasing to God

What are the Arguments of Consciousness on the path to God?

Why does a person fear to ask about spiritual? Who doesn’t let a person voice the Truth?

There’s undeniable evidence of massive climate change in progress. Can we survive it or not? The previous civilization of Atlantis was submerged in one night! What can we do not to repeat the fate of the Atlantians?

Why does God allow evil, suffering and all the bad things that are happening in this world?

In the programme "From an Atheist to Holiness", Igor Mikhailovich Danilov provided interesting information about the ancient practice of Jesus' prayer, its main spiritual essence and substitutions made by people to the dictation of their consciousness. Also, how to...

THE TRUTH about the origin of the elite in contemporary human society and their search of immortality. The elite are El's servants. The story of the archaic highly developed civilization Atlantis, mentioned in the world's literary heritage of Sumer, Babylon, and Hellas...