The Invisible World. Special Correspondent

According to statistics, strange accidents occur at the same places. Most drivers know that there are times when they suddenly want to press the gas pedal, drive through a red traffic light and, in general, behave inadequately while driving.

THE PHOTOS OF THOUGHTS. “BEHIND THE SCENES”. SCREENING OF THE THOUGHTS IS POSSIBLE WITH A SAUCEPAN ON THE HEAD. - Does a THOUGHT belong to you? - Visual hallucinations or external influence? - Folk art sometimes leads to amazing results.

Strange natural phenomena occur around us that are difficult to explain. One of them is the purple sky. Such a phenomenon was observed by people of the United States after the hurricane Michael and before the strong thunderstorm. Residents of China saw the purple sky af...

Strange sounds are heard all over the planet. The mysterious disappearance of the Sun in Yakutia during the polar day. Invisible subtle material beings - plasmoids and skyfish. Eyewitnesses' experience of anomalous phenomena