Excerpts from the videos with I.M. Danilov

What did the prophets know when they brought the Truth? What did they say about the End Times and the Last Chance for humanity?

Uniqueness and phenomenon of ALLATRA IPM. Is it possible to fit the activity of this organization into a pattern? Why does the number of participants grow very rapidly? Who is the leader? What unites the participants of the Movement? Why does ALLATRA talk a lot about Go...

All the prophets who came left covenants for us so that people could live happily and in peace with one another. The prophets talked about uniting all people and building one peaceful prosperous society — the Creative Society. But what do we see today?

The Precedent of May 11 conference launched a ripple effect. Will humanity use the momentum of this global event to bring about the Golden Millennium?

What does 90/10 rule mean in your spiritual life? Learn how to divide your attention focus between spiritual and material

Have you ever thought about why you have the image of God as an old man sitting on a throne? Do you really think you’ve never heard of the country of El? How strong is El today in your mind?

The climate is changing - this is clearly shown by the statistics of natural disasters over the past 10 years. Every year there are more and more climate disasters

Does God hear you when you cry? Why does the desire from consciousness to complain, and to whine arise in people?

Many people ask themselves questions: what does it mean to be happy and where to look for happiness?

Magic. What is magic in its essence? And how does a person use magic in everyday life? Does he realize that he pays for his illusory desires with his real life?

Why negative thoughts come into your head?

What attaining of God’s Love is, how to develop oneself in Love? What does it mean to love and to be loved? What is perception through feelings? What is the Spiritual World?

To be happy is really easy.

What role have the alien species of Anunnaki and Apexians, so called grey aliens, played in the history of humanity? Get ready to discover really shocking truth about human race relationships with these extraterrestrial civilizations.

What do people look to gain from participating in revolutions and wars? Why do all these political actions end the same? Can this be changed? In fact, it can and easily! If we want to live in a happy world, the Creative Society is, perhaps, one of the best alternatives...

Tips on how to get through and achieve spiritual awakening.

Spiritual alchemy has existed since the beginning of time. Its true purpose has been to attain spiritual freedom through science.

Your attention is the currency with which you finance any thought or emotion. You get what you pay for. So it’s totally up to you to decide where to invest your attention: in dead programs or in Life.

What is the true nature of the human being? Where does hatred come from and why do we waste time by getting emotional? How to become free and alive?