My way to Life. Vlogs by Nicole

About how to live prosperously, to have everything you need for self-development, to travel, develop and feel like a full-fledged Human being.

About how to distribute attention and perform the Lotus Flower dynamic practice during the day.

About the most precious thing that a person has – the power of attention. About how important it is on the Spiritual path to find your true self – Personality.

About how to retain the state of calmness and love. To feel Life within oneself and breathe it to the fullest.

About the importance of not being silent and using one’s most important tool of conveying information and the Knowledge.

The predictions began to come true. Flood in the UAE. A flood has washed away a city in the United Arab Emirates. Muslims and their mission.

About the best way to get rid of your selfishness.

About ups and downs on the Spiritual path.

About real Spiritual work on oneself.

About the most important things for every person in extremely difficult periods of life.

This vlog is about the article "Foundations and Stages for Building the Creative Society" and the new prospects that open up for each person.

This vlog is about an understanding gained thanks to the videos with Igor Mikhailovich Danilov and the books by Anastasia Novykh. What do you live for? Who are you?

What consciousness is. What awareness is. About the tool that can contribute to self-development and exploration of oneself and the world.

In this vlog, you will hear: About the understanding acquired thanks to the videos with Igor Mikhailovioch Danilov.

Vlog 12. In this vlog, you will hear: About the acquired experience and understanding of the participants of ALLATRA IPM

About the acquired understanding thanks to the videos with the participation of Igor Mikhailovich Danilov and the books by Anastasia Novykh. Insights after watching the video "CLIMATE APOCALYPSE: ILLUSION OR REALITY?"

It is not so easy for a person to understand that consciousness is not a friend. The path to Life in the first stages of self-improvement is a real battle with consciousness. You need to constantly defend your spiritual position, track the substitutions and tricks of co...

In this vlog an active participant in AllatRa International Public Movement  Nicole shared her observations about how the system generates  patterns of information perception and how, becoming free of it, we can help our neighbor.

In this video blog, Nicole shares insights on her life path. Division of people into spiritual or non-spiritual. Where do the attitudes that a spiritual person is better come from?..