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PYRAMID experiment

The 2nd International PYRAMID experiment

ALLATRA International Public Movement and volunteers of ALLATRA TV invite everyone who is interested to take part in the Experiment PYRAMID, which will be carried out
on September 29, 2018 at 5 p.m. (Greenwich Mean Time).

Kiev - 20:00
Moscow - 20:00
Prague - 19:00
Berlin - 19:00
Paris - 19:00
Rome - 19:00
London - 18:00
Cairo - 19:00
Jerusalem - 20:00
Cape Town - 19:00
Tashkent - 22:00
Astana - 23:00
New York - 13:00
Los Angeles - 10:00
Brasilia - 14:00
Beijing - 1:00 (30/09)
Tokyo - 2:00 (30/09)
Sydney - 3:00 (30/09)
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The essence of the experiment

is telepathic transmission of the same information to as many people as possible regardless of distance. At a given time, our operator will enter the PYRAMID apparatus and for half an hour will transmit into ether one of the 12 symbols. Anyone interested will receive the form with the symbols by email. All volunteers, the participants of this experiment, at the same time will be able to perceive this symbol by means of telepathy regardless of their location on the planet.

Our goal

is to conduct the experiment in order to establish the possibility of telepathic transmission of information at a distance as well as well as to confirm the existence of the unified information field of the Earth.

Similar experiments were carried out in the 1990s. We became interested in their results and have decided to repeat them but with the use of the PYRAMID apparatus; which we have been successfully using to conduct all sorts of experiments since November, 2017. You can find more details on the PYRAMID apparatus itself and the experiments carried out with its help via the link: https://allatra.tv/en/category/project-piramida

To become a participant in the experiment

Everyone who wishes, may participate in the experiment on telepathic transmission of symbols. We invite all interested to join our research project.

The results of the experiment will be processed and published on the official website of ALLATRA TV: https://allatra.tv

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Over 2000 interested people from across the globe have registered to take part in this PYRAMID experiment. We will be able to compile more accurate and reliable statistical data if more people take part in this experiment. Together, we will be able to make a great contribution to the development of modern science.

ALLATRA International Public Movement

ALLATRA International Public Movement is an international volunteer organization, uniting people of good will all over the world. You may find detailed information on the activity of our organization at our official website: https://allatra.org

Everyone who wishes to take part in the PYRAMID experiment, please fill in the form on the website or send your requests to the email address: [email protected] Please indicate in the letter your first and last name, age, city and country. Closer to the date of the experiment we will respond with a form containing twelve symbols and will give detailed instructions necessary to participate in the experiment.

You are invited to participate

The project’s team is open to collaboration with a broad spectrum of people all over the world to study the PYRAMID apparatus capabilities.

You are invited to participate in the experiments (individually or as a group):

  • All interested people.
  • Independent researchers.
  • Research institutes and laboratories.
  • Institutions of learning.
  • Collegial associations.
  • Scientific communities and associations.
  • Academic community.
  • Organizations, enterprises, companies.

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